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A New Workout Routine?

Spider, Web, Hairy, Repairing Web

I was watching a video of Nat King Cole a couple of days ago for my SONG-LYRIC-SUNDAY choice and at the end YouTube made some suggestions for what I might be interested in next. What did they think Caramel might enjoy watching?

Here it is:

The way she moves at the start of her routine is….what’s the word creepy/fantastic! I love it. Suddenly I feel as if I need to be able to dance like that – that would be one cool party trick! Parties – do you remember them?

The Cloud Weaver

Bride, Dance, White, Ethereal, Dream, Smoke, Smoky

I was on my way home from work one day

Smiling and waving at passersby

All of a sudden I looked up above

And became quite transfixed by the sky

The scene on high was a treat to behold

Fluffy candyfloss clouds caught my eye

Instinctively I knew just what this meant

The Cloud Weaver is dancing on high


With charming grace she can kick up a storm

You’re unlikely to find her when you try

Her movements proceed the beating of rain

You won’t hear her dance because she’s shy

She pirouettes, she leaps up and she twirls

Far and away her little feet fly

She silently dances up there and yet

Leaves dreamy white scenes for you and I


Next time you go out, look up at the sky

Search for the Cloud Weaver dancing on high

My Sprinkle Of Fun

I have ended up becoming a creature of habit these over the last three months. It’s been almost all work work work and very little play. Monday to Saturday it is all wake up, shower and dress, work, home, eat, shower, bed.

Office, Work, Business, Computer, LaptopAs well as work, I have been enrolled on a course I have to do at home. Well, I have designated one evening per week for the course (because I that’s all I want to give it – if I stick to that schedule, I will finish the course in three months, which the course providers state is the minimum time frame). Why should I rush it? I don’t see any point in rushing through it just because I can (merely on account of not being allowed to have a social life anymore). I have often rushed courses just for the sake of getting a qualification. I don’t see any need to rush it now. It would be better to limit my pace and use what I learn at work to make sure it has sunk in properly.

ruiegdfhlahSundays I am housekeeping and doing all my laundry. I love cleaning and ironing, but sometimes I have been so tired that I have to push myself to get up out of bed and start work.

I also spend time chatting to Jack and to members of my family. This Sunday I met a friend of mine. He lives in London, but his whole family are up in Snowdonia (as a lot of mine are). We walked and he bought us takeaway lunch, which we ate while we continued walking. It was great to see someone on a social basis.

dfhgdsfdaflWhen I was chatting with Jack on Sunday morning, I mentioned to him that I am missing dancing. I love parties where we can have a dance. I have started to play some music for half an hour at the weekend to have a bit of a dance – just to have my fill.

I am compiling a YouTube playlist for myself…and so far there are five Dua Lipa songs on there. I am not a fan of any musician, but I do know a great beat when I hear it. I like that some of her songs combine a sentiment with a phenomenal dance track.

I am trying to have fun as well as have a bit of exercise. During these strange times, I believe it is good to stay balanced. Work is a fine thing. But playtime is so important. So my crazy dancing to really top dance tracks is a sprinkle of fun over my otherwise fairly dull week.



I’m Still Dancing Over A Week Later!

tearI am still remembering some of the songs we danced to last weekend. I was tearing up the dance floor that night – if I do say so myself! Man, it was fun!

The only problem is that when you dance like that, you get a bit sweaty. That lovely dress I was wearing. is going to need dry-cleaning. Having worked at one stage for a dry-cleaners, I know just where to take it.

This was a fabulous song to dance to. A lot of people jumped to the dance floor as soon as they heard it. That’s the mark of a great dance track. How many people hear the first few bars and decide they want to get up and have a boogie.

I hope I am able to do a lot more dancing with Jack. Such awesome fun! I need to cheer him up, because he has been so upset by what happened with the young man he was helping. He keeps mentioning it when we talk. When he returns to London, maybe I will find a way to get him dancing again. Even it’s just at home.


I Won’t Let You Down And Run

dauWhenever I go to any kind of dance event, I find myself with the opportunity to dance along with songs in public that previously I have only danced to in my bedroom.

Saturday night featured two songs from Dua Lipa. Jack says he is looking forward to her next album. I haven’t heard her first album, so I suddenly feel as if I am going to have to google her music so Jack doesn’t realize quite how behind the times I am. (I don’t care really!)

Anyway, this was actually one of the first songs played on Saturday. Jack grabbed my hand and twirled me round. He knew all the words off by heart. I knew the music. But I was just reading the lyrics…when Jack knows these songs off by heart, I sometimes wonder whether he has been listening to these songs and thinking of me. I don’t know. When I hear emotive lyrics, I think of a special someone. Over the last eight years, that was Jack, then Goldfinch, and now it’s Jack again.

The line that I picked up on from this song was: “Just another chance so that I can show, That I won’t let you down and run”. Yeah, that’s exactly what Jack and I have given each other…another chance. I am so glad it is paying off!

Party Like A Rock Star

lika rocksatr.jpgSo I was chatting with someone the other day. Very mellow kind of person, but I worry overly-timid. He has every reason to be confident, but I can see in the way he holds himself, there is an awkwardness there.

Anyway…he was telling me he had been invited to go to a party and he did not want to go. I asked him why not. He described the party to me. There will be no alcohol he mentioned, there will be music and dancing, there will be food, real food, there will be a lot of people. Well…I was confused, that sounds like a great party to me!

neffyPoor dear, he explained he has to go to the party, it’s not something he can excuse himself from without upsetting family. So I kept giving him tips, on how to be at a party, encouraging him to take a positive view. I explained there are bound to be more women there. There are always more women at parties. I told him they will have made the effort to dress up and will want to have a great time. It should be easy for a man. He only has to stand around, and mutter a little and smile. He should not be shy and stand in the corner. He should be gallant, start conversations, offer to get drinks, be willing to dance. I don’t understand how he can go wrong. Anyone can party if they really want to!

peerpsI could see that whatever I said to him was not working. He just kept on pulling faces. Oh, he needs someone like “Jack” to teach him how it is done! Anyway, I gave up in the end. If he doesn’t want to enjoy the party – he won’t. My last words before we parted were: “Have a great time and remember PARTY LIKE A ROCK STAR!!”

Anyway, it’s his choice. He says he will go, I just want him to choose to enjoy it and have a good time. But that’s up to him. All we can do is hope he remembers all of my helpful advice! Just get out there and the floor and party like I showed you!

I’m In The Corner

I have two days completely free this week. No plans at all. So today, I decided to go walking. It’s something I love to do when I have chance. Walking for miles across London. I stopped in a cafe halfway and sat in the corner drinking a soya cappuccino and listening to the music that was playing. I really enjoyed being a lady of leisure.

tracks.jpgMy head has been buzzing with music for the past few days, after my two evenings out at the weekend. I don’t really listen to dance music at home. So I heard so many tracks and tunes that I was unfamiliar with. If you are a dancer it doesn’t matter too much, you pick up on the beat and rhythm.

I keep trying to google some of the music I remember hearing at the weekend. But I’m not finding much. Nevermind!

Dance music to me is great for dancing! I don’t really want to listen to it at home anyway. Except…every now and then I hear a track that I just cannot get enough of. It happened with Robyn. What a tune! What a track! Love love loved it! It’s still one of my favourite dance tracks of all time.

I’ll Try To Be Back Before Tomorrow

night out.pngAll dressed up with a place to go!!! If you see a caramel blonde wearing an electric blue dress strutting her stuff on the dance floor, give me a shout and offer to buy me a drink hey!!

Caramel and company are club crawling in London. I am the sensible one. The one who makes sure we move on to another location when it feels right. The one who drinks lemonade, because after what happened to me four years ago, I don’t trust what is going on around me. I am just out to have a few laughs with friends and to have a dance (we’ll see about karaoke! 😉 )

It’s Saturday…it’s not a school night…so why not hey! Life in London for a lush lass. I can’t imagine I’ll be catching up on WordPress tonight, so I will try again tomorrow.