Wish I Was There

I have the cutest card. It has a Costa Rican frog on the front of it. I decided I am going to use it to write a letter to Goldfinch.

Tree Frog, Frog, Red Eyed, Amphibian

But my head is full of all sorts of things that he won’t want to read about:

  • medical issues from work
  • boring training I have been undertaking
  • the royal family drama, I’m not interested in that, he won’t be. I know his solution for the royal family!
  • the new cereal iI found for breakfast
  • the lovely dress I wore at the weekend
  • the dinner and dance charity awards night I attended with Jack

That leaves me with Russia. he is interested in Russia. he has been there, I think he has lived there. There is someone very special to him out there. But he won’t really want me writing about Russia.

Beach, Sunset, Coast, Costa Rica

There is so much in my heart for him…but I suddenly find that I am not sure what he will want to read, what he will want to know. That scares me. It is hard enough coping with the 10,100 mile distance. I can’t bear the thought of any other kind of distance between us. I love him!!!

I guess what I want to write is that…

…I wish I was with him. I wish I could watch sunsets with him, walk hand-in-hand across beaches with him, curl up in a hammock with him. But I can’t write those words.

I am going to talk to Jack about it. Jack is so kind when I talk to him about Goldfinch. He will know what I should write.

Calling Costa Rica

All day I have been thinking of a special someone who is currently “OUT OF OFFICE”. I won’t have any contact with them for a month. 😦 It will be hard to endure. Very hard.

On top of that I start to become insane with worry. I don’t worry about me. But I do worry about people I love. The thought of someone so special, so close to my heart being off grid for a whole month is hard. My mind is racing with all the possibilities of hazards and dangers that might befall my beloved.

Nature, Panoramic, Panorama, Landscape

So, I am calling out to all Costa Ricans to ask…if you come across an absolutely gorgeous man, with beautiful eyes, really stunning eyes, (and a very cute behind) and who speaks in such a charming and magnetic manner – please please please look after him. Keep him safe. Don’t let anything go wrong. He is very precious to me. So please make sure he has a great time out there in Costa Rica.