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But You Know This Surely

I am worried about other people doing something very foolish this year. Spending money they do not have on gifts.

Around twelve years ago I worked with a lady who was struggling financially, so much so that they (her husband and her) lost their family home. They moved in with a relative and things became very cosy.

However, what I remember is that around a month or two after losing their home, she told me they had spend over £1000 on gifts for their children and each other for Christmas.

This year, I have already heard many people talk about how much they are struggling financially with the cost of living and yet they are also talking about shopping for Christmas – indulgent food, gifts, clothes. Not to mention electricity bills on fairy lights!


Do not do this!

It is a miserable time of year (in the Northern hemisphere) – it is dark and cold and naturally we might wish we could afford things that will lift our spirits and bring us pleasure. But going into debt is only going to add to stress and anxiety.

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Jack and I are going to cocoon ourselves over the holidays (mainly because I have to work overtime for the NHS and there are rail strikes that have snuffed out our original plan to see family) but we both realize that presents a wonderful opportunity to rest and catch up with all sorts. I plan to write emails and write more of Annabelle’s story and also start out on some early spring-cleaning. We intend to do lots of cuddling too! We will be able to keep in touch with our loved ones on the phone, online, on zoom – I am sure we will be able to touch base with other WordPressers who may also be relishing in the chance to cocoon.

I will keep Jack well supplied with yummy food. We will hope that the Beeb will cheer us up with an airing of “The Sound Of Music” (ok, it is me who is hoping for that, not so much Jack). But there is no way we are going to put ourselves under stress and pressure for the sake of a greedy commercial system who have no respect for Christ whatsoever.

Be wise! Be Christlike! Know that this corrupt system is soon to be dissolved and replaced by Christ as King, who will care for people and eliminate the corruption, abuse, oppression and injustice that are riddled with the current system.

Poor Yet Rich – How Can It Be?

Some of the most incredible and precious, wise and strong, loyal and principled people on this planet are technically termed financially “poor”. Yet they are rich, wealthy in everything that matTers most.

Whereas there are some who have millions to their name, yet they are sometimes destitute in everything that matters. In fact, some of them are behaving in a manner that many of us would judge as wicked. You can draw your own conclusions about which person of “wealth” inspired that last sentence.

Do not be fooled – MATERIAL WEALTH IS NOT A SIGN OF TRUE SUCCESS – and for those who believe in a Creator, it is important that you are not mislead into thinking that material wealth is a sign of divine favour due to some righteousness on your part.

It is so important to have a balanced view of our own financial status and material possessions. Right now especially, when there is growing concern about paying household bills and the cost of living.

If you are feeling the pinch, take practical steps wherever possible to avoid unnecessary expenditure and be organized with your finances – budgets, simplifying, making sacrifices – they can all contribute to some relief from the pressure of a financial tightrope.

But please do focus on what it is that makes a man or woman truly successful. You can be rich, wealthy, in everything that matters most, you can endure and conquer. These hard times will pass. Life is not supposed to be about not knowing where your next meal will come from, and fear that you will lose your home. Soon these things will have passed.

Feeling The Pinch

I have seen many news reports about the cost of living in recent weeks. There is no doubt that some will be very anxious about this, especially if you have a family. I only have me to worry about, and in addition, I have lived on a modest part-time wage since I left school, I have never been able to contemplate large expenditures, it’s been all about earning my bread and butter since I can remember. I have not wanted the things or the lifestyle this commercial world was thrusting under my nose. I have considered myself as just camping until a much better system comes along – one that does not allow for these sickening extremes of wealth and poverty.

But I am sure there are parents out there who have a much more difficult situation than I do. Bringing up children, food, clothing, transport, utility bills, rent….the list goes on…and the prices go up.

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If you are feeling the pinch and becoming alarmed by increasing prices, please think shrewdly now. There are so many lessons we all need to learn about finances. There is a precious older generation who can impart great wisdom to us. Sometimes we have an excess of wages, and we can relax about these money saving tips. Other times, the excess disappears, and we are cutting it fine.

  • Discern true needs from wants
  • Use your food budget wisely – soups and casseroles with vegetables and grains are big money savers
  • Don’t “window-shop” on websites for clothes, gadgets etc. It can make unnecessary expenditure become harder to resist, and can make you feel sorry for yourself
  • Look after your clothes and furniture, and other costly items
  • Opt for free forms of recreation – walking in nature spots
  • Avoid debt and credit
  • Do not gamble in any form

I know that when we were little ones there were some very tough times financially. But my parents always made sure we had what we needed. But I know there were times that due to a tight budget, my Mumma ate porridge, while seeing us little ones have more variety in our diet.

Vegetables, Carrots, Garlic, Celery

I believe it is said that money is the cause of most arguments between couples, and within families. I can see how stress levels would rise when money runs short. Being strictly careful about how you spend your money may be tiresome, but it can lesson anxiety. Love is priceless. There are people who possess a ridiculous amount of wealth and yet do not have genuine love. So please strengthen the bonds in your family. Love is a powerful motivator and can help you endure difficulties. Change is ahead, but while there are troubles around you, think about what you need to sustain life each day.

“Better is a dish of vegetables where there is love, than a fattened bull where there is hatred.”