The Mighty Bosh!

I was delighted with a cookbook my friend gave me recently. If only it were not so heavy, I would love to be wowing Goldfinch by cooking recipes from “Bosh!” an entirely plant based cookbook. I love it!

new cookbook

When I am back in England (which I obviously have very mixed feelings about) I am going to be cooking using the recipes from my new cook book and inviting friends over to try the recipes.

Gary…you are vegan I think…correct me if I am wrong. You must come for a plant based feast.


Professional Cook For The Day

Today I am earning my bread and butter in my capacity as a cook. I can never quite believe that anyone would pay me money to cook for them. It seems so crazy! But so it is.

Ten years ago I had my first job as a cook. I told them I didn’t know how to cook. They liked me though. They gave me a copy of a Delia Smith cookbook and just told me to read that and to refer to Delia for cooking times for meat etc (remember I have been a vegetarian since I was six years old).


Today I am making vast quantities of aubergine parmigiana. I would love to be devouring this. But it is for my client and their guests.

I think I really have lost a little weight, not a lot, but a little. Enough to make all my clothes fit better. I have not had much money to spend on food recently. I have been going out for dinner more often, but I have politely declined all puddings and wine (“not on a school night” has been my way of turning down the generosity of my friends when it comes to them pressing the contents of their cocktail cabinets upon me).

This aubergine dish smells delicious!!


Go Nadiya!

family TVI think I have mentioned that I did not have a television for about ten years. After a ten year break from television, most of what seemed to be broadcast seemed astoundingly awful. After I left hospital, I went up north to stay with family to recover from my injuries and the trauma of what had happened to me. When I was with my family I saw some television programmes they recommended including “The Great British Bake-Off”. I did like that.

nadiya.jpgI watched some of the series which was eventually won by Nadiya Hussain. When I was watching the episodes, I liked all of the contestants. But since she won the contest, I have loved the cooking programmes I have seen Nadiya involved in.

I found an episode on BBC i-player of a show where she visited Bangladesh, where her family are from. I love love loved it! I really like watching her, she has such an appealing personality. But it was just fascinating to see the people she met along her journey and have glimpses of their way of life. In all honesty I completely lost interest in the food part of the show, because it was the scenery and the people that caught my attention.

nadiya travellingI love our human family so much. I am grateful that the Beeb sent Nadiya and a television crew out to Bangladesh to show us more about our family. Our beautiful fascinating human family. Go Nadiya! Your cooking and travelling programmes are the best of television as far as I am concerned.

I don’t have a lot of spare time at the moment, but if I do have chance to relax on the sofa, I shall be searching through BBC i-payer for more Nadiya shows.

Ready Steady Cook!

Today is a giant cook-athon! I am going to start this post with an idea of what I will be busy with.

SupperOne of the dishes I am making a lot of (most of which will go straight into the freezer) is stuffed peppers. The delicious filling and melt in your mouth roasted pepper is a winner with everyone. I featured it in a post I wrote when I was a new blogger. It was a bit of a comic post for me because I did not have a clue what I was doing with blogging, and I kept seeing amazing foodie blogs. I knew I was never going to be able to aspire to the standards set by the wonderful food bloggers out there, but I wanted to have a little fun with the concept of foodie-blogging. It was the first time one of my posts received lots of “likes”. I was so grateful for the feedback. It was a massive boost to my confidence and enjoyment with blogging. I enjoyed putting it together so much:

I am also going to make two types of soup today. One is a butternut squash soup. Yum yum yum yum! It is a recipe I have been making in bulk and freezing once a month since October, I can’t get enough of it! It is very cold at the moment here in England, and I think there is another week of cold cold weather ahead – having yummy soup to help warm your cockles is a very good idea.

I am also making roasted beetroot and garlic soup. If you like beetroot, this is a delicious soup. I must admit I have went off beetroot for years – because at school it was a veniger soaked slice of strangeness, But in recent years I have rediscovered beetroot and it has livened up my dairy-free vegetarian cuisine a lot.

I am making a chicken dish as well. It has aubergine (egg-plant) walnuts, buckwheat, orange-zest, pomegranate molasses all over the chicken and once it has been cooked, fresh parsley and pomegranates. Yes I am a vegetarian who cooks meat for other people. I am going to put all of the chicken dish straight into the freezer thought.

I have lots of house-work to do at some point too. I was so ill last week, I only gave my little nest a light going-over. This weekend, it needs a more thorough clean. I love cleaning so, it will be a pleasure.

All this wholesome activity to occupy me – which is good because, I have something on my mind…but  am going save that for another post.