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I Have No Idea If We Were Really Compatible…But I Do Know We Were Made For Each Other

I published another post about my ex-flatmate yesterday.  I know it is all a bit confusing trying to build a picture of what happened between us.  It is confusing to me, so I can only expect everyone reading to be confused.  I guess I am setting the record straight, but I am trying to do it carefully, as I care so much about him.

He is woven into the theme of this site.  What crushed Caramel is all in connection with the man who is unarguably the perfect counterpart of Caramel.  He knows and Caramel knows it. Perfect for each other – on paper.  Full of admiration and love for each other.

As for communication skills and  genuine compatibility – we failed miserably.

And yet…despite everything that happened…

I will tell you more about him…slowly slowly, when I can cope with it emotionally.  There is a story…and it’s coming bit by bit….when I am ready, in my own time.

In the meantime…lots of joyful, cheerful posts, because despite everything life continuously supplies a reason for sharing, a reason for smiling, a reason for singing…