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Which Stage Are We At?

casreWe are having very intense days at work. Part of me is wondering why I thought it was a good idea to get back into healthcare. Part of me is becoming dynamic and calmer and practical. I seem to be quite good to have around in a crises.

We are trying to keep up our morale despite the stress at work. It is stressful. But everyone is pulling together and working hard.

Now I don’t want to be disrespectful to the authorities. It is important to listen and obey the instructions we receive at this time. It really is! Don’t panic, but do take it seriously.

But there has been a video doing the rounds. It is a comic sketch from a political sitcom popular a few year back. It is a bit funny. I think I could find it funnier if I was not so worried about the older members of my family and group of friends and colleagues – and all those who are especially vulnerable at the moment.

There’s is nothing quite like dry British comedy in a time of crisis. Wish I could laugh, but I am back at work tomorrow.

A Comedy Crisis

Oooooh – Teresa has asked us to try out comedy today. This comedy has ended up kind of dark I will warn you now! Not my typical style.

Your challenge today, should you accept it, is to find your funny bone and write your best comedy and see where it leads…or whatever/wherever the picture takes you. 


Well…I had a little idea this morning. As soon as I saw the photo, it said to me failing comedian. But when I started working on it, I found it ended up becoming kind of macabre! You’ll see what I mean! Just remember Jeff and his wife, and all the other characters are pure fiction. Don’t have nightmares!

Comedian, Face, Performance, Comic

“Sorry Jeff, but tonight is your last night on stage in The Coco Comedy Club. Your gig just isn’t going down well with audiences.”

“I don’t get it Frank, my jokes about Trump and Pence are awesome. People used to lap that stuff up. What’s changed?”

Frank scratched his head, “I can’t answer that Jeff. I think some of the audience might actually support him, and those who don’t, well, they are just beyond laughing anymore. They seem closer to despair.”

jeffsJeff sat in his dressing room feeling depressed. Everything seemed to be going wrong in his life. In all honesty, he didn’t feel like standing on stage for half an hour to tell jokes about the POTUS. He had too much on his mind. Losing this gig was the last thing he needed. As he sulked, his feelings intensified.

At 8:55pm Mindy knocked on his door to remind him that he was on stage in five minutes. Jeff hauled himself up from the chair he had been glued to for the last couple of hours wallowing in his misery. For what he thought would be the last time, he walked out onto the tiny stage at The Coco Comedy Club and started his set…

Only tonight Jeff gave up on his normal stand-up routine. Something had snapped within him. Jeff started to bear his heart to the audience and voice all of his problems.

“So last week my wife came home and told me she wanted a divorce.”

Microphone, Stage, Light, Show, MusicPerceiving a murmur of laughter, Jeff stared out into the dimly lit seating where the audience sat. He wondered who on earth found what he had just announced as funny. “I asked her why she wanted a divorce after eight years of wedded bliss. She’s had the house all to herself for the past five years. When I’m on the comedy circuit, we don’t see each other for months, and when I am not working, I stay out late so she can have Netflix to herself and when I come home late I sleep on the sofa, so I don’t wake her up. I asked her what the hell was wrong?”

Jeff was taken aback when a ripple of laughter erupted and few people whooped. “It turns out she has been having an affair. With a lad half her age who comes to clean the pool. So she wanted a divorce so she could take half my earnings. She reckoned that without her, I would never have made a cent!” Jeff raised his eyebrows, “Well, she had a point there. Most of my sketches have been about her and the cretans she calls Mom and Dad.”

Yoga, Group, Fitness, Exercise, FemaleThe audience laughed heartily as Jeff continued his outpouring, “Do you know what she said? She said I am selfish. Me! Selfish! She’s the one who has maxed out two of my credit cards paying for her botox injections, silicone implants and her pilates classes.”

A couple of men were heard guffawing while the rest of the audience cackled. Jeff was baffled by the reaction he was receiving. “Guys if any of you have annoying wives, take this advice from me – send her to pilates classes. It will pay off big time. After I strangled her it was so easy to fold her body up and stick her in a suitcase.”

There was a roar of laughter from the audience at this point. Jeff looked over at Frank who was grinning and had both of his thumbs up. Scratching his head, Jeff announced, “All that botox and silicone turned out to be an advantage too. I pushed the suitcase over the top step of the stairs and it bounced all the way to the bottom.”

jefsSome of the audience were rocking backwards and forwards with laughter. Jeff looked out at them as if they were all insane, “So I’ve been driving around all week with the suitcase in the back of my car. Has anyone any suggestions about how to dispose of a body?”

People were crying with laughter and cheering Jeff. He didn’t know what to make of it. He put the microphone back onto the stand and backed away from the little stage.

As he headed back to his dressing room, Frank popped up in front of him, “Jeff, that was absolutely cracking! The audience loved your new content. Scrap the political satire. Just do exactly what you did tonight. That was flippin’ hilarious. If you do exactly that, I’ll book you in for the top spot at The Coco Comedy Club for another three months!!!”



Come And Melt The Buttons On Me Flameproof Nightie

comedy.jpgDo you like stand up comedy? I will admit I am very selective when it comes to comedians and comediennes. I can’t bear unkindness or making fun of people in an insulting way. I can’t abide foul language. It is not easy to find a live comedy act that is relatively inoffensive. If I went to certain comedy shows, it would be sheer torture for me.

comedy club.jpgGoldfinch took me to see a comedian in Islington last year (it was a very rainy day) and I found myself sitting in the chair that was the furthermost point from the door. That comedy club was very tightly packed and there was no way I could make an escape – and of course, I really did want to try to like the performance for Goldfinch’s sake. That was a weird feeling – pleased as punch to be close to the man I loved, but feeling like I wanted to climb over the heads of the audience (like Crocodile Dundee in the New York subway) to escape what was making my skin crawl. I am being harsh. Some of the content was funny. But it was the rest of the content that was abysmal.

There are some classic comedy greats who I can watch over and over again. I only started this post because I was thinking of a riotous and superb song written and performed by the immensely talented Victoria Wood  (“The Ballad of Barry And Freda”, also known as “Let’s Do It!”) It came to mind because I wonder what Goldfinch must think of me. I am wondering if I am behaving like Freda! Six months is a long time to wait to be with the man you love you know! Fortunately for me…Goldfinch is not at all like Barry!

If you have never seen this, prepare to be amazed/shocked/enthralled/flabbergasted! And yes, perhaps it is a little funnier if you are female, I don’t know – you tell me!


La Vida Es Bella

On Monday I published a post with my answers to questions that were part of the GETTING TO KNOW YOU challenge. In response to one of the questions I included a video of two wonderful opera singers dueting the beautiful Barcarolle – “La Nuit D’Amour” – from Offenbach’s “Tales Of Hoffman”.

It is a very beautiful song in itself…but I wondered how many other bloggers become choked up by it because of it’s connection with a film that many say is one of their favourite all time films. “La Vida Es Bella” or “Life Is Beautiful” – the story of Guido, a Jewish Italian waiter and later bookshop owner who falls in love with Dora and fathers a son named Giosuè (Joshua).

If you have never seen the film, I have added a trailer right at the bottom of this post. If you have seen this film, you totally understand why I felt teary-eyed listening to the Barcarolle! Although full of comedy, make no mistake, this is an incredibly moving film, exhibiting the courage and love of a father who seeks to protect his family from the horrors that surround them.

When I think of what others have suffered…it makes all my woes seem petty and insignificant.

Here are two clips – the night on the concert theatre … followed by a scene from the concentration camp.


Here is the trailer I promised you:

The Luminescent Tales From The Mind Of Kristian Has Nominated Me For The Sunshine Blogger Award

Well, we are brightening up a damp chilly November weekend with yet another ray of sunshine, Tales from the mind of Kristian who has kindly nominated me for another Sunsine Blogger Award (Yaaaay! – awards are not only fun but also a good sign that someone out there is enjoying your blogging presence so I am always grateful for them).



The Rules

• Thank the person who nominated you and provide a link back to them – thank you Kristian!
• Answer the 11 questions asked by the blogger who nominated you.
• Nominate 11 other bloggers and ask them 11 new questions.
• Notify the nominees by commenting on one of their blog posts.
• List the rules and display the Sunshine Blogger Award logo on your post.

Kristian was very kind and replaced three of the original eleven questions for me (as I think I was in danger of causing no little offence to Halloween enthusiasts with some of the original questions – and why should I be belligerent?)

1) Do you have a favourite Autumn themed film/movie?

I can’t think of anything specifically autumnal. The only thing that came into my mind was this line from “You’ve Got Mail”.

I just typed into my Google search engine “autumn films” and of a long list, there were only three I had ever seen! One was “You’ve Got Mail” and another is one of my favourite films “Dead Poet’s Society” (which may be hard-going for some viewers towards the end).

2)What method of murder do you most like to see in films/movie?

The type that don’t work…you know when the bumbling police duo surprise the “baddie” before he can carry out his dastardly deed.

3) Horror or Comedy?

Not horror….so I guess we will go with comedy. I am sooooooo fussy about comedy though. I can’t stand anything that is lewd or offensive or full of bad language. I like light-heated, family fun. I love the Pixar animated movies because they are lighthearted comedy.

I like a movie the whole family can sit down and watch together.

I know we all have different tastes…but here is one little clip that encapsulates the myriad of little scenes I love in Pixar movies.

4) What’s your favourite thing to do with a pumpkin?

Probably roast it along with a ton of garlic and some sage and onion and then blitz it into soup.

To be honest, I think I only ever tackled pumpkin soup once. But I often make butternut squash soup which is lovely. I made a huge batch earlier this week and filled my freezer with soup – yum yum yum.

5) If you could choose between ruling the world or living in paradise which would you choose?

I have to admit this was the question that really caught my eye, I have read posts from the other bloggers who have answered these questions already and they have all said “living in paradise” and I quite agree. I was designed to live on this earth. I was designed for paradise.


This is a subject that fascinates me because I think most of us have the desire to live on earth. We see pockets of paradise and our heart leaps. The whole earth should be like that. Not many really want to rule as kings over the earth. Which makes sense doesn’t it. We only need a small number of rulers to govern. Those rulers should be deeply concerned with the welfare of all creatures on earth and not motivated by greed.

It is so interesting because all my life I have been asking my friends and workmates what they believe and what their hopes are for the future of mankind. Most are animated about our beautiful home and humans having a very long and lasting and wonderful future. Even if people say they believe that they will go elsewhere once they die…what their heart seems to yearn for is a paradise on earth. That makes so much sense to me because of what I have read.

6) What human trait do you like the most?

Kindness / Unselfishness

I know that is two…but sometimes people are kind for selfish reasons.

7) Which human trait do you dislike the most?

Arrogance / Conceit

Two again…but I guess I am adding flavour to what it is I dislike.

8) If we discovered an inhabitable planet and had the option to start a new life there, would you?

I don’t think it would be a matter of… “oh we found an empty planet with water and a breathable atmosphere which can sustain human life and we want to populate it. Let’s build a fancy space-ship and get a wriggle on.”

But once we have fulfilled the original purpose for the earth, for it to be a paradise full of happy healthy humans…well…that is the point – we are not there yet. We need help. The earth is not looking like it should. We are all bunched up in cities where we can’t breath in pure air, or see the stars in the sky at night.

Once the earth is FULL and we are living in harmony with it according to the Creator’s purpose, then perhaps He will consider allowing us to populate another planet. Will we be allowed to go to another planet and trash it? OH NO OH NO! Not on your nelly!

If you can’t keep a bedsit clean and tidy, why trust you with a house? Once we get our act together, and are living in a way that makes us and other creatures we share earth with thrive, maybe we will be allowed to use what we have learnt on another planet. But we are not in a fit state to be trusted with another planet right now are we!

I would not necessarily volunteer myself for being amongst the first to move to a new planet, but if He assigned me, I hope I would be willing and eager. Sure I would miss home, but both myself and members of my family have lived away from home on volunteer assignments for months, or years at a time. You get used to it and you build a family-like network amongst the people you are working with in your new assignment.

9) Have you been to a fancy dress party? What did you go as?

Several clowns, the Von Trapp children (with my siblings – there being seven of us), a teddy bear, a cat, a footballer, a nurse, a pirate, Moses’ sister Miriam, Tina Turner, a french maid, a Bollywood dancer, Carmen Miranda and I was once half of a horse (don’t ask me which half)….I can’t remember much more off the top off my head…I am sure there were other fancy dress parties and themed parties. I have been to a lot of parties.

There is a video…(Mandy’s husband’s mum has it in her possession)…of me strutting like Tina Turner in my tassel dress and an outrageous wig and belting out “River Deep Mountain High” at the top of my voice. If I were rich, that video is material they could easily use to bribe me with.

Of course I won that karaoke contest…no need to ask the question. No shame on stage! Give me the microphone and you more than get your money’s worth. I just wish videos didn’t exist because I am sure there must be more material out there I could be bribed with. Thank goodness I don’t own much.

10) Have you ever had a recurring Nightmare? Share it with us, if so.

I don’t have nightmares. I sleep like a log! Even after sleeping all night, after my head injuries, I find that if I lie down on my bed for a five minute snooze during the day-time, I might wake up and discover it is tomorrow!

lion portrait on black When I was very young, I used to dream about a bright blue lion that chased us and we were all hiding with our neighbour’s children from the blue lion.  One by one the lion caught them. The only way I escaped is by walking upside on the ceiling and then climbing out onto the roof.

I sleep so very heavily that I very rarely dream.  When I do dream, well, my dreams are normally rather odd, sometimes funny.  Normally my brain is trying to make sense of something new.  For example if I start a new job, I tend to have a dream where I am interacting  with my new workmates in a movie scene – something like Robin Hood with his merry men. Nightmares…not so much. On occasion I have dreamt that I have overslept and been late for work.

I have had flashbacks (of the night in the park) but they were when I was wide awake usually when something triggered a memory.

11) What was the last film you saw at the Cinema?

I know it might not be for everyone…but there were parts I was crying with tears. The combination of physical comedy and comic timing of Rowan Atkinson’s lovable, yet make you want to cringe, characters is a treat for me. Give that man a medal for making me laugh until I have bellyache.

That was fun! Thank you Kristian and special thanks for changing three of the questions for me.

Here are my eleven questions for my nominees:
My eleven nominees:

Eleven bloggers who are like sunshine, producing very beautiful posts!

Dawn-Marie Dawn-Marie – Love Exploring Scotland