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Gasping For Clean Air

I was talking with Jack the other day about “the world” that mankind has developed. More and more I feel sickened by the results of mankind’s rulership. Sickened. I always was appalled as I learned about the layers of mankind’s history. People speak of conquests, I hear suffering and oppression and cruelty.

Mountains, Alpine, Reservoir

But recently, the abysmal amount of evidence incriminating human rulerships seems to be stacking up and up. I told Jack that I am finding it hard to switch off to the level of injustices, corruption, abuses, callous ruination of both planet and people.

Do you ever wish that you could be somewhere clean? Untarnished by wickedness. Somewhere with clear fresh air, pure water, uncontaminated. There are some people who are like that. I feel more and more I need to be with people who are clean.

More and more this world is making me feel physically sick. It’s not the planet we live on I am talking about. It’s the pervasive spirit or atmosphere. It’s unhealthy. Many of us have become accustomed to breathing in smog. But I am finding I am becoming more sensitive to it.

This world has wrapped itself up into a complicated sticky web. It is passing away. It is passing away and so is it’s desire. Until then…I seek pure, clean air, so that I do not suffocate on the insidious poisonous smog this world churns out.

Canolfen y Dechnoleg Amgen (That’s About As Much Welsh As You’re Going To Get Out Of Me I’m Afraid)

Just a stone’s throw from the cottage belonging to some family members is a site we have not been to for ages…and we decided as it is was close to the town we were visiting today we would take a visit with Little One.

Our destination today was the:


Centre for Alternative Technology

Yes, that’s right, just behind the welcome desk which is on the same level as the car park, there is a cable car up to the rest of the site.  Here in Wales, they are very considerate of English folk who might not be use to walking up mountains every day.


As if this not enough excitement for little one!  And for me!

It makes me laugh that when you read the information leaflet, it makes the center sound as interesting as reading the information on the side of a cereal box, or the back of a utility bill.

The reality is that not only is the center very interesting and of relevance to just about anyone at all who lives in a house, or uses electricity or takes showers or eats food…


The VIEWS…the Center is worth a visit just for the views alone if you are really not interested in any of the information presented.


I wish I had a better camera to take better pictures for you…there is nothing like your own eyes though to see Wales for yourself.

I took about fifty photos today of exhibits and my family as we toured the buildings displaying information, the gardens and all sorts of displays, and fun exhibits.  In addition we stopped off at the mostly vegan cafe and shared a vegan chocolate cake and a vegan lemon drizzle cake.

Then there was the playground…and the slide – my niece was in her element!  Oh she had fun.  A one year old child makes everything a hundred times more fun.

We learnt all about the origins of CAT (Center for Alternative Technologies), energy efficient construction techniques, how to conserve and make wise use of resources, including electricity and water, how to grow your own veggies and herbs, and there was a huge amount of information on all the alternatives to burning fossils fuels.

I don’t want you to tire of my holiday photos, so I will try to put together a little collage so you get the idea of what we were up to today.

Wish you were here with us in Wales!