He Wants Me To Be Brave

hiding away.pngI have mentioned at times that I am anxious about what people might say (especially online) once Jack and me go public. After all the discussions we have had, it seems obvious that Jack genuinely did not understand the scale of what I was facing before, during and after we were living in the same flat.

Jack and I have been having a great time together. We have had a lot of fun and just spent lots of time talking and touching and teasing. I think we are happier and stronger week by week. But again and again we have come back to this subject of what people say on social media. What people say about what is frankly none of their business.

Jack is going to be very cautious and careful with anyone who tries to get him to make a comment about our relationship. But we will be together sometimes in public. Both informally, we are going to go out places and not try to hide away so much. And we will be together formally – at public events. So people will know. It’s likely there will be photographs. Jack cannot control what random scary people decide to say. It is something unpredictable. But he wants me to avoid any of that and to be immune to it. Jack wants me to be brave.


As for what our friends and colleagues might say – well, that is a different ballgame. Jack can express his indignation if anyone is unkind. In the past, he dealt with comments from our friends with a lot of humour. But I think that fed their boldness. They kept on and on saying worse and worse. So, I don’t think humour is going to be the response to begin with. I am asking Jack to be a bit stern with people if they are critical or their humour is on the cruel side.

I love Jack.