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A Party You Can Attend In Your Snugly Pyjamas

pjs.jpgAfter a long day of working, and then panicking because I realized the supermarket was closing early, and I had no food in my cupboards after being away for a week with my family, I am ready to relax and rest up.

My plans for the next few hours are to finish my ironing, have a shower and put on some cosy pyjamas and then put earplugs in my ears so that I can block out the noise of fireworks and have an early night’s sleep. I have big plans for tomorrow so I need my sleep tonight.

You may be one of the many who are heading out to a party tonight, or maybe you are opting for a more peaceful and sedate way of saying Sayonara  Monday 2018, Bienvenue Tuesday 2019.

However, I am a party girl and so I could not resist dropping by this party! Did you know you are invited too? Head on over and say hello and remember to include a link to your blog or a favourite post. Don’t be shy. It is a wonderful way to meet new bloggers (and so far it’s been like visiting a party with complete strangers – a bunch of bloggers who I have never come across before are being super friendly).


If you are opting for a cosy evening and a great sleep before you face January 2019 – why not say hello at this blogging party?

Even more fun than a Minion’s party! Well…maybe I am exaggerating. What could be more fun than a Minion’s party?