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Mental Health Awareness Week

I have been so wrapped up with work, it completely escaped by attention that in the UK it has been MENTAL HEALTH WEEK 18-24th May 2020.


ivgyciyI was working with a colleague who reminded me about it. He was great to work with and a very interesting person (a locum, so I don’t know when I will work with him again). We had such an interesting chat about a whole host of mental health related subjects. Sigh. It was quite fascinating.

When I looked at the UK MENTAL HEALTH FOUNDATION website, I noticed that the theme is KINDNESS!!! I don’t think many of us would disagree with the importance of kindness. I could write for many hours on the subject. In fact…I think I did!

At the end of the third and final part of my Annabelle Riley trilogy, there is an afterword, called “TO MY FELLOW TRAVELLERS”. It’s all about times of crisis and the importance of kindness. I guess it was my little way of acknowledging that we all have a story to tell, a journey to share. We have all been through storms and hopefully we have had peaceful tranquil seas too. Some of us have surfed exciting waves.