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Almost Angelic Baking

I mentioned earlier how chuffed I was when I saw that Suze, the creator of suziland too or obsolete childhood, has been busy in her kitchen despite the having one super scary visit to hospital recently.

Many of you know that Suze married the gorgeous George, who she has known since childhood. It’s obvious that they are a fabulous couple, and that Suze and George have a marriage made in heaven! However…when it comes to the heavenly dessert that George loves Angel’s Food, heaven does not seem to be on Suze’s side! Erm…I am trying to be diplomatic about this Suze!

This is Suze’s post, the second half of which contains her candid confession over her battle with what was supposed to be an angelic dessert:



So…we are looking for volunteers to help clean Suze’s oven…any takers? anybody?

 Despite the mishaps with Angel Food, I am sure that to George, our fantastic Suze is an absolute angel! Which is exactly what we think too Suze!!