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The Evidence Points To Nurse Lizzy

Teresa’s prompt for today takes us into the realms of detectives, amateur detectives. My detective is a little boy named Kyle. Although, as you will see, his detective work actually proves hazardous.

Your challenge today, should you accept it, is to find your inner detective and write your take on the Mystery subgenre of Amateur Sleuth and see where it leads…or whatever/wherever the picture takes you.


This is a little story about what a little boy finds in the local children’s playground, while he is inspecting the disappearance of the swings.

Detective, Magnifying Glass, Viewing

“What are you doing Kyle?” asked Charlie.

“I a trying to solve a crime!” was the reply.

Charlie was surprised, “A crime? What kind of crime?”

Swing, Children, Play, HolidayKyle put his hands on his hips and declared, “The mystery of the stolen the swings!”

“Did somebody steal the swings?”

“They were here yesterday Charlie. Hayley and me came down here after school and we were swinging on them until it was time for tea. But when we came along after school today, they had vanished. Somebody must have stolen them. I am looking for evidence to see if I can work out who it was.”

“Have you found any evidence yet?”

Kyle pulled out the contents of his pocket and laid them on the ground for Charlie to inspect. Charlie’s eyes opened wide!

evidence“Are you thinking what I am thinking Charlie?”

“Kyle, this is the kind of thing my parents told me not to go near!”

Kyle had a cryptic expression, “That’s because these only belong to Doctors and Nurses. That narrows it down. It was either Doctor Brown from the Sunnyside Medical Practice, or it must have been Lizzy, the school nurse.”

“Nurse Lizzy was off school today. My teacher Mrs Cromwell said that Nurse Lizzy has the flu.”

“A likely story! She probably took the day off school so that she could come down here and steal the swings for herself. Why don’t we go and sneak into her garden to see if she has hid them there!”