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Adventuring We Will Go!

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I think I have about an hour before I really ought to climb into bed and let my weary head rest up a bit.  I am going to use that hour to start a post with my answers to Game On – S2 Created by A Guy Called Bloke and K9 Doodlepip!

Take a look at Rory’s original post for find out all the rules and see his original questions:


Are you ready for an adventure?  Well, if your bag is packed and you have your passport and boarding pass ready, I think we should embark on our journey along these fabulous questions!  I am not going to make this journey without you!

Q1] What is the last holiday you took?

Back in July, I spent two entire weeks visiting friends and family in the North of England and North Wales.  I tried to keep up with blogging and filled my posts with holiday spam!

All my holidays now are spent on visiting family.  I have not been on a “holiday” holiday for many years…I think it was Texas USA perhaps…but even that was not a holiday as such, though we had an amazing time out there.

Turkey…was the last time I went on a beach and relaxation orientated holiday…although we were bored after a day and went gallivanting every other day.  We went scuba-diving in Turkey which was pretty awesome!

Q2] What is your most favourite place in all of the world that you have seen?

Oooooh la la….how could you ask a question like that!

When I was in the north of Sweden our friends took us to see a frozen waterfall.  There were icicles all the way down.  It was one of the most exquisitely beautiful sights I have ever beheld!

Q3] Do you think travelling enriches your life, your learning, your wisdom or it’s just time off?

Oh yeah..of course I think travelling is enriching.  It often opens your eyes to looking at the world in a way you have never had the opportunity to do so before.

All teenagers should travel to Africa.  It would stop them complaining about not having the lastest phone or sneakers.

Q4] What is your favourite mode of transport?

That would have to be boat for me.

PQ5] In your opinion what is a great quote that symbolises adventuring and travelling?

I have never thought about quotes other than “LIFE IS ONE BIG ADVENTURE” but while I was researching quotes to see if any were familiar, I found this:

That’s quite an inspiring little ditty – is it not!

Q6] Since you have begun travelling have you noticed any change in who you have become as a person?

I think I can say yes to that.  Especially after visiting West Africa when I was about twenty-two.  This is going to sound really stupid, but as a teenager, I started to think our family were poor, and that we were missing out on so many things our school friends had.

I realized when I first left Europe that perhaps half of people on this planet do not have a flushing toilet.  Things that I have had my whole life and take for granted like a shower with warm water, electricity to boil the kettle, to toast a slice of bread or central heating, not to mention all the services the local council provides like refuse and recycling collection…there are literally millions upon millions of people who have never had those things and yet…from what we saw, many of them were happy, healthy and incredibly kind to us.

Life was so warm (literally, it was roasting hot!) colourful and people were so friendly and gregarious.  I picked up the journal I kept during my time in Ghana when I was at my parent’s home recently. I still plan to write some posts about our adventures out there and the very special people we met.

When my sister Mandy and I returned to England, we had a completely different outlook on the world than the one we had before we left.

PQ7] What is a great song to get you in the mood for adventuring? [provide link please]

Q8] When on holiday, travelling or adventuring – do you take books/kindle to read or simply rest on the knowledge that your time away is enough to provide all your stimulation anyway?

reading book on beach.jpgOoooh very rarely have I had chance to read when I have travelled.

It seems like a nice idea, lying on the beach and sunbathing and reading a book, but my holidays have usually been to visit friends abroad and they always arrange a jam-packed schedule of trips and excursions.

I think I took a book when I went to Turkey because my friends said they wanted a beach holiday to relax – but it didn’t end up that way!

Q9] Five best holidays you have had and list why?

Oh dear…

Ghana because we had the most incredible dive into African culture and art and music and food.  People made that holiday very very special (well, we did a lot of work out there, but we had chance to spend some days relaxing so I am going to count it as a holiday)

Sweden was spectacular and full of surprises – an adventure beyond all our expectations!

Romania was beautiful and so interesting.  We had so much fun out there and made some amazing friends.

Houston, Texas, USA  when we were staying with friends who lived there. We just happened to plan our first ever trip to the States when it happened to be “All-Stars” basketball weekend in Houston.  I mean “Hello! Welcome to America!”  I have to write a post about that trip one day…it was memorable – to say the least!

Belgium with Mandy, Milly and my mum – we bought so much chocolate.  Then when we came home we wrapped it all up into little parcels with ribbon to give to friends.  It was really nice to have a girly holiday with my sisters and my mum.

Q10] Do you have a favourite blog that deals with adventuring or travelling that you read before you go?

I have not been abroad since I started reading blogs.  I have been reading the posts of several travel bloggers regularly.  Their posts are often quite stunning and they put lots of ideas in my head about where I would like to travel to.

My Dusty Flip-Flops is my favourite travel blogger though!

Q11] Are you a soloist traveller or prefer company?

If I had to, I could travel on my own (as in the transport part of it) but what is the point of travelling without someone wonderful to share it with?

PQ12] What is the most significant lesson you have learned when adventuring?

Don’t forget your toothbrush!  Nah…

I think I would have to say that my travels have confirmed that the mod-cons of the western world do not make us happier.  I have often found that in lands where there was less in a material sense, people were so much happier and friendlier.  I am dying to tell you about a family from Liberia we met…I think I will save it for another post.

Q13]  When in a new location, what are the first five things you check or do to ensure your adventure/holiday is successful?

Ha ha – define successful!  The only thing we worry about is making sure we don’t forget which date our return flights are back because we are having so much fun.

In Africa – drink lots of water! (3-4 litres a day)

In Northern Sweden – don’t go outside without your hat! (in the winter of course)

In Spain –      Cereza =        Cerbeza = 

In USA – don’t eat for three weeks before you go, and don’t eat for six weeks after you go!

In Germany – rules are made for breaking! (Ooooh er – there is a post I need to publish to explain that.)

Q14] Are you a rigid planner for adventures, or just throw a few things into a bag and let the day take you wherever?

At one stage I think I would have been a planner, that was in my nature.  However, almost every holiday I have been on turned out to be an adventure because I let go of worrying and let others whisk us off to the most unbelievable places – way off the tourist route.

When we trust our friends and let them surprise we have been amazed at what they have arranged for us.

PQ15] In your opinion what do you think is needed to make an adventure/holiday really successful?

Friends or family abroad who know the area, and have the time to introduce you to the delights of life in that land. I would rather be in a sleeping bag on the floor of my friend’s living room than in an all-inclusive hotel.  Friends abroad make travel wonderful.

Q16] When adventuring do you have a traditional routine or just go with the flow?

I like trying things I have never tried before!

I go with the flow…some of the friends I have travelled with have a bit of a routine or holiday customs.  But I am happy to “go with the flow” so long as that means seeing new places, eating new foods, singing, dancing, fascinating culture or history or art, lively people, gorgeous scenery.

Q17] Are you totally relaxed when holidaying/adventuring as in let your hair completely down, or hang on to a sense of reticence?

During the day, I love anything outdoors, any opportunity for climbing, hiking, swimming, sailing, scuba diving or anything active is something I would grab.  I love feeling like a kiddo and availing myself of any energetic and unforgettable activities.

I have had a lot of fun when travelling…there is something about being “on holiday” that makes me even braver.  I have done a lot of singing and dancing when abroad and I certainly do have some tales to tell!

Or maybe I will tell them in future posts!

Q18] How important is adventuring/holidaying away to you?

travelerI have always loved opportunities to travel.  Of course I want to travel again in the future.  Right now, my desire to get back to my home on the other side of London is far greater than any desire to travel elsewhere.  I feel lost at the moment.  I hardly have the appetite for anything like adventure until I am feeling settled back at home.

You see it is a wonderful thing to travel knowing you have a home to return to.  I have a very sweet abode currently, but it is not MY HOME.  I need to be home before I have the appetite for travelling.

Q19] Are you completely and utterly true to your personality when ‘away’ or do you become someone else?

I don’t think I change as such.  But the playful side of me is allowed more fun and expression.  I seem to laugh a lot when I am abroad.  For years I have had a jam-packed schedule (don’t we all) where I am always thinking of the next task ahead and it is nice to be on holiday and not to worry about what my next job is.

For some reason I have always felt the need to be a bit of an “entertainer” with friends. When I am abroad on holiday I think I need very little encouragement to get the party going!  I like to see my friends enjoying themselves as much as I am!

PQ20] Are you deleting any questions, if so which ones?

Q4] Recently l read, and it’s not new about windowless aircraft which will be the future of air travel, what are your views on this?

Windowless planes???

Q21] You have been gifted a 42 day holiday of your dreams all expenses paid – where would you choose to go?

Six weeks!  Ask me this month…. I think I would say South America because I never have been and I would love to go!

Ask me in December and I would say Australia to see my wonderful Goldfinch!

Oozing Confidence!

Another of the challenges created by aguycalledbloke  aguycalledbloke

…and this week he has created another “Game On” challenge, as he explains in the post below:


This challenge is based on the theme: CONFIDENCE.

The Rules …

confidence.jpg1] Leave the Permanent Questions [PQ] always in place PLEASE.

2] Reblog should you so desire

3] If you do reblog, a ping back would always be welcomed so l don’t miss it.

4] This is a non tagger/non nomination game.

Daily Topic Subject – Confidence

Q1] What does confidence mean to you?

It is a mix between having no shame….and having a very solid foundation on which your life is built.

That may be solid values, a solid support network of family and friends, a real grasp on what is important.  Realizing that you cannot be easily swayed by popular opinion or propaganda, because you realize that lots of people don’t check their facts, they just get caught up in the current and have no idea about a lot of important things.

Things might go wrong, but you can recover because of the solid foundation you are built on.

Q2] What you do believe to be your main strengths?

Any strengths I have are all due to the hard work my parents and others put into me.  I am so grateful for them.

I am a fairly good communicator.

My memory seems fairly sharp.

I like to be helpful.

I am a great side-kick.  I love to support someone who is my superior.

I tend to be obedient.  If you give me a recipe…I will follow it precisely.  I like to be obedient.

If I say I will do something for you, I will – Mum and Dad set the example in reliability and faithfulness.

window cleanerMum and Dad have set a great example, which I try to follow, in humility (which I think is one of the most beautiful qualities) and industriousness.

I like to work hard and give my employer an honest day’s work.  I like to learn.  I am willing to go in and start from scratch and patiently learn a new skill.

Q3] What do you think are your weaknesses?

Do you really have time to read all of my weaknesses?

  • Ccheese boardheese (I am not great with dairy, but I love cheese!)
  • I tend to bottle things up emotionally.
  • I don’t like to be a burden to anyone, so sometimes try to handle things alone instead of crying for help.
  • My left ankle is weak…I have strained the ligaments in it many times.
  • The right side of my head, I still worry it looks odd after the injuries I received three years ago.
  • I am a bit of a technophobe.
  • I sometimes publish my posts without checking for spelling or grammar errors.
  • I am always forgetting umbrellas, I leave them on the bus, in restaurants, in my friends’ cars or hallways.
  • I am not very good at being creative or artistic.
  • I have always needed there to be someone who tells me “Well done!”  Without some kind of positive feedback, I get rather anxious that I might be doing things wrong.
Q4] Are you a risk taker?

Not when it comes to life…life is a phenomenal gift and I would not endanger life.  I am not the type to get frustrated about health and safety legislation.  If it saves one life, it is worth it.

What would I risk?  Erm…well, recently I gave in my notice to my former employer without having a job to go to.  Things worked out of course, but I was nervous!

PQ5] List 8 things that positively impact your confidence.

Does that count as my answer to that question?

Q6] Do you learn from your mistakes?

Is not the ability to learn from your mistakes a major advantage to life!

If you can’t learn from you mistakes, you are just going to keep getting hurt over and over.  I hope I have learnt from most of my mistakes.

PQ7] List 8 things that negatively impact your confidence..



Being the subject of unkind gossip.

The intense pain I have in my head at times.

People who are aggressive or get angry quickly.

Flashbacks to the crime I was victim of three years ago.

It is odd to see little children who know more about technology than I do.

I wish I was perfect for Goldfinch.  I love him so much, but I am not the woman of his dreams…or he would not be going back to Australia would he?

Q8] How are you when meeting new people for the first time?

Fine…good manners, politeness help everywhere.  Most people respond to a smile and kindness.

Show interest in other people – many people love to talk about themselves, so just be good at listening and asking questions to encourage them.

I do love people…although I have come across some absolute rotters…but you don’t know what someone is truly like until much later down the line.

Q9] If you had to address a and audience and deliver a five minute speech on a subject you were passionate about – could you do it?

I have done it hundreds of times.

Q10] What is your current attitude towards politics?

Neutral with regards to human politics.

However, I obey the law and pay my taxes.  I just don’t vote.

Q11] Would you describe yourself as a confident person?

I think you have to be to survive in London, especially if you are driving a car.

I used to be a lot more shy when I was younger.  But I have had so many wonderful experiences of overcoming my nerves and getting to know and work with new people over the years.  I am more confident now.

I don’t know how confidant I am, but I am not shy like I used to be.  I am much more relaxed.

PQ12] In reference to Question 9 – if you answered yes what would be your specialist subject for five minutes’? Discuss

Oh goodness…there is an awful lot I can talk about.  It all depends on the audience.  I would pick a very different theme and subject depending on who made up my audience.

If I could choose my audience, it would be a group of house-keepers and I would discuss the marvels of white vinegar.

Q13] How sure are you of your feelings and emotions – as in are you true to them?

I have lots of feelings and emotions…but I know they might be wrong at times, and if they could lead me to harm or cause me to hurt someone, I would do my utmost to suppress them.

I like to make decisions based on clear reason, but that also feel right.  When I need advice with a decision, I would turn to someone who is not overly sentimental, who can think logically.

Q14] How well do you cope with unexpected changes to your routines?

Happens all the time!  I try not to worry anymore.  Things happen.  If you are tied to a plan or a schedule and can’t cope with a disruption, stress can rise quickly.  I just try to keep focused on my end purpose or objective and accept that there may be many different ways to get things done.

PQ15] In reference to question 9 – and you answered no, but still had to be in front of the audience, what WOULD your confidence allow you do – explain.

I answered yes…

But in addition to giving a speech, I would be happy to offer a song too!

Perhaps even a dance, if my audience were paying to see me perform.

Q16] Is success important to you?

Define success!  Success to me involves things like:

successLearning to love, and being loved – humans thrive on love. (I am not talking about romantic love necessarily, though that is nice too!)

Being honest, being trustworthy, having integrity.

Doing what you can to look after your health.

Having satisfying work and a safe, clean home.

Q17] Do you set yourself goals and are you able to achieve them within your set target periods?

I used to set many goals.  I am sure having goals helped me to make good decisions.

Since I was the victim of a crime three years ago, I have had to adjust my expectations of myself somewhat and although I maintain my focus on my objective, I try to be more patient.  But I know where I am headed and I have to build up my strength to get home.

Q18] True or false – You are born with self-confidence?

I think that is false.  So much of what shapes our personality depends on the environment in which we grew up.  I was shy as a kiddo, I have developed confidence when I have seen how things worked out for people who my parents advised me were not making wise decisions.  Mum and Dad were right about almost everything!

Q19] Do you believe that you cannot be successful in life if you do not have self-confidence?

Erm…No, I think.

However, I think it is an element of self-confidence, no just wisdom, that helps you to reject the popular view of success – fame, wealth, physical perfection – and instead live your life with real purpose and meaning.

I will say this though…people might be secure and confidant about themselves for all the wrong reasons!!!  Goodness, I have come across some eeeed-yats…I don’t like to be unkind about people.  But I have seen people who have had everything money can buy but were total losers!  Not that they realized that – nope they seemed to think they were rahter wonderful.

PQ20] Are you deleting any questions, if so which ones?

I am not deleting any of these.

Q21] Do you believe people with self-confidence are all arrogant?

Hmm….arrogance is not nice.  However, I think it is healthy to have a reasonable amount of self-esteem based on knowing you are a good person.  I think you have to get the right balance.  If you a nervous wreck all the time you won’t be enjoying life to the full, and other people will not know what to do around you if you are falling to pieces all the time.

A good sense of humour goes a long way to being relaxed in your own skin.

It is almost like having a good conscience…you can hold your head up and look people in the eye, because you know that you would never intentionally hurt them or steal from them or in anyway be cruel. That is far more important than the clothes you wear or how large your bank account is.

Live your life as a giver…no need to be shy.  Just jeep giving others reasons for joy.




“My Findings For The Attention of Inspector Kruseau”

Have you been following the fantastic detective series:
published by aguycalledbloke  aguycalledbloke


inspector-160143_960_720It is now time for us to submit our deductions to Rory after deliberating on all the clues he has delivered over the past few weeks.  Now if you are taking part and don’t want my post to influence you, then don’t read my answers – SPOILER ALERT!  Then again…I may be completely wrong, so it might give you a chuckle to see what I have come up with.

If you have not seen the Snifty Sleuth posts yet…you still have plenty of time…we have until the 31st August to enter our answer’s to Rory’s brilliant detective series.  I am sure you can do a better job than I have!

Who Are The Victims?

So…as far as I can see, we have had several deaths at this point:

Charles Maxwell-Murdoch

Harvey Dearman

Lady Alicia Van Schlumph

Geraldine Cooper

Joseph Ingrams

Where Were They Found?

Charles Maxwell-Murdoch – At the foot of the stairs of the hall.

Harvey Dearman – The dining room

Lady Alicia Van Schlumph – The library

Geraldine Cooper – Her kitchen

Joseph Ingrams – The drawing room

Who Is The Killer?

Well….this is where I really have no idea.  You see, at first I thought Lady Alicia Van Schlumph may have wanted revenge for the death of her sister Abigail.  But since she has ended up as a victim, I have given up on that idea.

Then, it looked to me as if Joseph Ingrams (Jonathan Charles Maxwell-Murdoch) may have wanted to express his anger towards his father and perhaps towards his mother (Geraldine Cooper).  But why would he kill Harvey Dearman or Lady Alicia Van Schlumph?  And of course, Joseph/Jonathan has ended up a victim as well.

Since there are only two remaining people…Mrs Patricia Maxwell-Murdoch and Miss Lola Ginatonica, I have a 50/50 chance of getting this right or wrong – unless it was Constable Parker, who does not seem to have been doing a very good job of protecting the guests!

Because I cannot conceive of a motive that I can explain for Miss Lola Ginatonica, I am going to guess that it was Mrs Patricia Maxwell-Murdoch.

How Did They Do It?

I don’t know!!!

I am guessing there may have been multiple people who had grudges against Charles and could have been trying to injure Mr Charles Maxwell-Murdoch and expressing their hatred either before or after his death.  So I am rather confused.

I think it more likely that that Mrs Patricia Maxwell-Murdoch has been trying to incriminate other people though.  She has been trying to use the possessions of others and cast suspicion on anyone but herself.

What Was Their Motive?

So, let’s think about this…could it be that Mrs Patricia Maxwell-Murdoch who “appears to be a timid woman” had something to do with the “unexplained circumstances” in which the first Mrs Maxwell-Murdoch (Abigail) died?  I was rather intrigued by this passage from Scene Six:

A mans voice shouted out “I know it was you. I knew it from the beginning. You needn’t think I’ll let you get away with this neither.”

Could it be that Harvey Dearman knew that Patricia was a cunning and an ambitious woman only pretending to be timid? And that he was convinced she had also been responsible for Abigail’s death?  Afterall, she was the nurse attending to Abigail.  Now, due to her anger at Charles taking a mistress, has Patricia been plotting to get rid of him and inherit his millions.  Perhaps she is so greedy, she wants to wipe out any who might claim some of his fortune, like his illegitimate son, Joseph/Jonathan and those who know about the son, his mother Geraldine Cooper and Lady Alicia Van Schlumph?

What Are The Murder Weapons?

Since the forensic evidence concluded:

“It’s been confirmed, the old man didn’t die of the poison, there definitely wasn’t enough administered to cause more than a numbing effect. The stabbings didn’t kill him either, they happened after he was already dead. It was the fall down the stairs that killed him, it broke his neck and caused an aneurysm in the brain.”

I am therefore guessing that Patricia delivered the fatal push.  Although I am wondering about that hammer… could the hammer have been administered contributing to the fatal injuries that seem to have all been attributed to the fall?  (Maybe because I received an assault involving a hammer when I was the victim of a crime three years ago and the damage it did to me…I might be a bit overly suspicious of hammers.)

Perhaps the other weapons were used by the owners themselves to express their rage to the deceased, or by Patricia in her attempt to confuse the police and delay the investigation.  I am not sure about that one!  It seems to me that there are a lot of clues leading to other people, but not many pointing to Patricia.  Perhaps she has tried to cast suspicion on others?

As for the other deaths…I am not 100%…let me take another look.  Hmm…it looks as if the following weapons were used:

Harvey Dearman – pistol – don’t know where it came from though

Lady Alicia Van Schlumph – a black silk pashmina (the one that Lola Ginatonica was wearing perhaps, to incrimiate her)

Geraldine Cooper – poison in her cup of tea (I don’t know if this was a deadly dose of the puffer-fish venom)

Joseph Ingrams – I don’t know what weapon was used to kill him, there does not seem much in the passage to describe the manner of his death…

…but I think Patricia may have been trying to incriminate him and perhaps making it look as if he took his own life?


Name the Blogger who was appointed as our prime killer:

I am only guessing that this means another blogger was collaborating with Rory on this detective story…I am only guessing talesfromthemindofkristian  talesfromthemindofkristian …

…as if you mix Kristian with Inspector Clouseau from “The Pink Panther” you get Inspector Kruseau.



Life – What A Fabulous Theme!

I…like many other bloggers really enjoy the challenges created by aguycalledbloke  aguycalledbloke

…and this week he has created another “Game On” challenge, as he explains in the post below:


I really like the fabulous theme “LIFE” so I am going to grab the opportunity, while it is out there, to get involved in this challenge.

The Rules …

1] Leave the Permanent Questions [PQ] always in place please.

2] Reblog should you so desire

3] If you do reblog, a ping back would always be welcomed so l don’t miss it.

4] This is a non tagger/non nomination game.

Daily Topic Subject – Life

Q1] What do you value the most in your life today?

I have a treasure chest of extraordinary memories and extraordinary friends I have met while working as a volunteer.  I am so proud of the projects I have had the privilege to be part of and the incredible qualities and characters I have seen in the people I have met.

I love nothing better than opening up this treasure chest and sharing something wonderful with someone else.  Special…makes me feel richer than I could ever have imagined.

Q2] Have you ever set yourself any ‘life goals’ and achieved them, what were they?

When I was at high school, I knew I wanted to become a full-time volunteer.  I was able to become heavily involved in volunteering as soon as I began my study leave for my GCSEs.  I spent 20 hours each work working on an unpaid basis for local charities and 20 hours working for the Head Office of a major retail chain.  I learnt to live modestly.

constructionAfter ten years, I moved to the south of England to an area where it was expensive to live, and there was a desperate need for volunteers.  During my three years there, I was able to expand the amount of time I spent volunteering.

I was then invited to become a full-time international volunteer.  My dream came true at the age of 29!

Q3] Have you published any posts about people who have inspired your life?

Lots of posts about my parents, but these are some other sources of inspiration:

Q4] Have you made someone smile today?

sainsbury cashierMy sister, my landlady, my next door neighbour, the cashier in Sainsburys supermarket, a tourist who was lost and asked me for directions, the gardener who was clipping the hedge and Goldfinch.

How did I do it?  A mixture of smiling at them, doing something to help them and trying to be Little Miss Sunshine.

PQ5] Using no more than 100 words – if this was your last day on the planet what message would you leave to the world?

A message to the whole world???  Hmm…

I am going to sleep now.  The dream that has been comforting and inspiring me for most of my life is that of a human family completely at peace, no hatred, no greed, no racism,  nothing sinister or evil.  I hope I am remembered and that I wake up to find my dream has come true.  What a party we will have!  I look forward to getting to know all of you, my wonderful family of fellow humans.

Q6] If you could compile a recipe for a good life, what would you include?


PQ7] What is the best feel good film you have seen – please provide link.

I like feel good films…I have seen lots, but recently I saw this one when I stayed at my younger sister’s home:

Q8] How would you describe yourself in six words only?


I feel as if I only just left school, I am not sure what I am doing here in an adults body.  My brain tells me that I should be out climbing trees, playing football with the other kids in the street and going swimming.  But people turn to me for advice and expect me to help out with their problems.  I seem to be the one to play mum everywhere I work and everywhere I live.

I guess that’s because like the good kid, I am doing what my mumma and dadda have told me to.

Q9] What have you learned about life to date?

time life

Q10] What advice would you give a younger you of ten years ago?

When you feel your life has become a pea-souper…and you are lost in fog so thick that you can barely see your foot in front of you, without knowing how you became so lost and not knowing how to get out of this pickle – do not despair.

Look up – even in a thick fog you can see the stars.  Take the next step in front of you. Then take another small step. Someone can see exactly where you are, how you became lost in this fog, where you have been wandering and what you need to do to get out of the fog.

Q11] Is there somebody who changed the course of your life?  What did they say or do?

Isobella…who was seventy years older than me.

She was a full-time international volunteer for sixty years, mainly in African and Asian lands.  When she was a young woman her brother told her she was a fool.  He said she would end up dying all alone, with no family to care for her, without a home or any money.

What actually happened sixty years later?  As well as qualifying for both a British pension and a South African pension, there were people who Isobella had helped arguing about who wanted to take her into their home to care for her.  Many families loved Isobella and wanted to care for her when she was in her eighties and started to struggle with her health.

care assistantIsobella was cared for in a beautiful infirmary built by volunteers, by a brilliant team of volunteer nurses and carers who showed her tremendous love and attention right up to her last breath.  She was so loved!!!  There were 1,800 people at her funeral with hundreds of others who listened in to the service at other locations.

Isobella really lived. And she was really loved.

PQ12] What is your best “quote” concerning life?

Life Quote

Q13] What is top of your priority list in your life right now?

I want to go home…to my career and life as a full-time international volunteer.  But first, I need to get the all clear from my neurologist.

In the meantime…to make the most of every day, because despite everything that happened, life is an extraordinary gift and even when you are not exactly where you want to be, you should make the most of what you have and make sure you enjoy life.

Q14] What would be your ideal career or if you are doing that now, what is it?

Full time international volunteer!

PQ15] Provide a link to a piece of music that best sums up your emotion on life today.

I have been yodelling all day – I have no idea why!  But it feels good!

Q16] What are you truly passionate about?


Q17] What are three of your worst habits?
  • I bottle things up emotionally.clean dishes stacked neatly
  • I sometimes leave my breakfast dishes in the sink because my timing is bad in the morning.  I seem to need to go slowly in the morning until my painkillers stop my head aching.
  • I like fresh air, so I keep my windows ajar, then when I come home after a rainy day, my window ledge is soaking!
Q18] What are three of your best attributes?
  • I am willing to admit I am wrong and try again.
  • I will do everything I can to make peace with someone I think I have wronged.
  • I love to be obedient and disciplined.
Q19] What is the meaning of life in your eyes?

Live in harmony with the rest of creation, recognize that for there to be peace and order there have to be laws, love those laws.  Love life, love people, love this earth and it’s creatures.  Show appreciation for the precious gift of life.  I know not everyone believes in a Creator, but I do, so I would say glorify Him by living life in a way that makes Him proud of you and glad He has shared life with you.

PQ20] Are you deleting any questions, if so which ones?

3, 6, 11

Q21] What inspires you to be you?

little missOooooh – I am just a chip off the old block – so to speak!

Lessons from my wonderful parents and other family members have shaped me.

I just want to be someone who is a delight to my parents, my family and friends and my Creator.  Someone who adds joy to the life of others!

Learner at Love

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