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Watching The Skies

I mentioned in my post yesterday that it is agonizing not being able to send a text message to Goldfinch to ask him how his journey is going.

I gazed up at the sky last night and I contemplated how long he was going to be travelling through the atmosphere. From down here, planes can look so much like stars except that they wink at you and move slowly across the sky.

To help me settle my worries about Goldfinch’s long journey, I was watching flight tracker yesterday and the night before. It is so cute…it shows the progress of the aeroplane and says whether it is on time or delayed. So presuming everything has gone well and Goldfinch has not been delayed at passport control.

So if all has gone well, Goldfinch should have landed and should be at the home of his parents. I worked out by looking at the world clock on my tablet that his plane was due to arrive at 10.30pm GMT. So while I was getting ready for bed, Goldfinch was arriving back home.

I sent him an e-mail while he was up in the air. I didn’t want it to be too long…he is hardly going to want to read an entire novel from me about every thought and feeling that I have had since we parted at Heathrow. But I think I said plenty for him to know I have been watching the skies the whole time and begging for his safe arrival.