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Cheerful Childhood Chums

I spent two nights at the home of my parents.  They moved to the village where Granddad was living a few years ago.  In the guest room are lots of pictures and other personal items that were in my bedroom in the old house.  This is one of the pictures on the wall – sorry about the reflection.


Milly, Mandy and I are in the drawing along with three other friends.  The three of us in the middle were inseparable for some time and when the younger three left school they used to spend a huge amount of time with us also.

Goodness we were an incredibly happy bunch!  Looking at this sketch made my mind flood with memories of our adventures in our late teens and early twenties.  We travelled near and far away from our home town and made friends up and down the country.  Our teenage years and early twenties were rich with experiences I am sure none of us will ever forget.

Another friend of ours drew this for us.  Our friend in the middle (knee-length purple dress) was the first to leave home.  She was moving to Wales.  It’s her little dog that is in the sketch also.

Ironically, she is back up in our home town near Liverpool with her husband, as is our Mandy.  Milly and the two girls with short dark hair are all married and living in Wales.

Then there is me – long red dress, short black jacket – I think I had that exact outfit.  Me – the only one who has never married and has been living in the south of England for eleven years.

But today I am in Wales!  I am staying with Milly and her husband and my gorgeous niece who is so much fun.  Can’t wait to get outside and start taking photos for you.