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Eau De Brine

I had a clear out of my fridge yesterday, because I had knocked over a jar of capers, and the briny solution they were in had leaked out all over my fridge. Even though I emptied it out and thoroughly cleaned the fridge and wiped everything I had inside – it still smells of brine every time I open the fridge door.

It was not the only mishap yesterday. Jack brought a bottle of red wine with him last night…and after a hard day of work, he decided to open this bottle of fancy red wine and pour out a glass for both of us. He then proceeded to put the  cork in (but not enough.)

Later on I opened the cupboard door to put some dishes away, and had a collision with the bottle. It ended up with red wine all over my wooden kitchen floor.

It is typical – always the expensive wines that end up being spilt!!! Well, you know what they say, “It’s no good crying over spilt Domaine de la Romanee-Conti Romanee-Conti Grand Cru 1990”. That is a joke by the way – Jack has a strict limit when it comes to how much to spend on wine, and it is nowhere near $20,000 for a bottle.

I need to wash my hair. It smells of brine…and red wine.

Just One Of Those Days!

This week has been a busy week indeed!

I mentioned in a post that I did a big spring clean earlier this week before the carpet cleaners came on Wednesday morning and cleaned all of the carpeted areas. Wednesday, Thursday and Friday were long days at work. Every Friday is a fifteen hour work day for me, so I am always shattered by the time I reach the little nest.

Last night, when I came back to the little abode, this is what greeted me:


Well, I picked up the plant that my landlady had given me and put it into the sink. There was soil all over the floor. So I picked up the larger clumps with some kitchen roll and then fetched the hoover. But the hoover obviously does not like soil. Rather than sucking it up, it spread the soil all over the kitchen floor. My legs all of the kitchen were now scattered with clumpy soil.

I do not have a dustpan and brush (although I have now added that to my shopping list). It was past midnight. I opened the front door and in the dark of the night I made my way out to my landlady’s shed and in the dark managed to find the dustpan and brush we use in the garden. But it took ages….the clumpy sticky soil did not want to be swept up by the brush either. This is why I never ever obtain house-plants for myself. They are so much trouble!

It was just one of those days! After a fifteen hour day at work – and work was really busy – I spent over half an hour sweeping up soil from my kitchen floor! All I can say is AY KARUMBA!!!