Fancy Omelettes

I made myself an omelette last night – not just any old omelette, but a fancy omelette – with posh ingredients. An omelette is actually a rarity for me. I am a vegetarian (since I was six years old), but I am not a vegan. Yet, I have an intolerance to dairy and I am just not very keen on the taste of eggs.

But every now and then, I feel a little run down, and I decide to buy some eggs to include in my diet. I always remember my Dadda telling me that eggs are one of the best sources of protein (after he read a book about Ranulph Fiennes). It is possible that I don’t quite have enough protein in my diet. I just love eating green stuff so much, I neglect to add protein to my diet.

Anyway…it was a really really nice omelette. Hopefully, my body will be grateful for that super boost of protein.

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4 thoughts on “Fancy Omelettes”

  1. a good omelette can be wonderful! I’ve learned to make sure that I include protein every day, otherwise I lose my oomph and am always hungry


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