Don’t Call Me, I Might Call You

I am the world’s worst when it comes to phones. In order to avoid frustration and annoyance further down the line, these days I feel I ought explain to people when I first meet them that trying to reach me by phone is incredibly difficult.

E-mails are the best way to contact me. Of course, I won’t be able to respond immediately, but eventually I will send a reply, if a reply is needed.

I do have a landline but I am rarely home. The mobile phone in my possession – it is usually switched off – I carry it around in my bag for three reasons:

  • for use in an emergencies
  • sending love texts (you know like love letters but shorter) to Jack
  • telling my sister when I will be able to talk
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But something happened twice recently. We have had two internet outages – and I mean hours and hours, all through the evening and night without connection. That means lots of emails I was supposed to be sending to volunteers could not go. I could draft them in Microsoft Word, but had to wait until I could send them. Plus…I could listen to YouTube and Spotify playlists (the television did not work without internet connection either).

I was able to glean some pleasure from my rarely used basic phone. If you plug in headphones, my phone is tuned in to Classic FM. It was wonderful to listen for about an hour to scintillating music courtesy of that little phone.


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