Not Bored Of My Own Company Yet

Jack is quite an extravert. He is a larger than life sort of character. He is gregarious, energetic, affable, charismatic and he loves people. He has a great sense of humour, he has a brain like a computer and an ability to think outside of the box. Sometimes he reveals areas where he is still like a teenager – I am assured that many men have this same issue. There really is never a dull moment when I am with Jack.

He has been away for a week already, and I will have to wait two and a half weeks before I can see him again. I have lost track of the people who said to me “you must be so lonely”.

I am sure the comment is well-meaning but why would I be lonely? I see scores and scores of people every day. Sure, I miss Jack. I will miss him at weekends especially, but so far, I am fine. I was working with people on Saturday and Sunday and had a drink with friends after work before I went home. I spent some time over the weekend doing things I often don’t have chance to – sorting out my summer wardrobe and putting most of my winter clothes into storage, sewing clothes in need of repair, languishing in a bubble bath deep cleaning my kitchen and bathroom, washing my pillows, sorting out my paperwork. When Jack is around, it is hard to schedule time for those extras.

I love Jack very much but I am capable of functioning without him. I am in no way bored of my own company, nor am I lonely. This past weekend, it felt wonderful to have a little time to myself. But yes, of course I am longing for him to return. He makes life so much fun!!!

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