Penny For Your Golden Hearted Thoughts

Sometimes Jack looks as if his mind is elsewhere. He looks as if he is another world. We all have those moments I suppose. But Jack has a heavy load of responsibility on his shoulders.

We talk a lot about the work we are both involved in. There are certain details he cannot share with me – confidentiality – details about individual people, details about decisions made with regards to funding, the demands of political entities, decisions to send volunteers to areas that are fraught with danger.

I sometimes gaze at him wondering what is going on in his mind. It can be difficult when there are subjects he cannot talk to me about. However, one thing I am sure of, and it comforts me deeply – Jack’s thoughts, his motivations, his meditations, his ponderings – they generally revolve around things noble and wonderful.

Photo by Simon Berger on

I am sure he has his moments…but on the whole, Jack is an golden hearted man who is devoted to serving others. That is why he has been assigned so much responsibility. I am so proud of him.


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