I Just Want To Protect You

I heard some say something odd the other day. It is odd. Very odd. They expressed their opinion, or belief, that it is alright for humans take whatever they want or need from this planet and creation, because in their words “earth is hell, life on earth is just a test we need to survive”.

How bizarre. How utterly bizarre. To me, and I am sure to many others – life on earth is a wondrous, beautiful, loving gift – magnificent on so many levels. Yes, there are challenges, and most of these seem to be caused by imperfect people. But earth – planet earth – is a stunning jewel, teaming with exquisite creatures reveling the imagination of an extraordinary artist.

Photo by Elianne Dipp on Pexels.com

I want to live on this earth forever. I want to protect and cherish this breathtaking home and the astonishing creatures we share it with. Since I was a little girl – my heart has been particularly wrapped up in the ocean and whales. If I had a completely free choice of how to spend my day every day (if I was without the commitments and responsibilities I have become entangled with) I would be out there researching and protecting whales. How they have suffered from people who think they can just take whatever they want from this planet and creation. I would love to think of them as safe and thriving always.


5 thoughts on “I Just Want To Protect You”

  1. that is such a horrible way for that person to see life on earth, in my opinion. it is so opposite of the way I see things. and for you too, it sounds like.

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  2. Our planet is spectacular and I am not sure why some people don’t see that. You mention something interesting though – beliefs certainly shape a person’s view of the world, and sadly for some they have blinded their view of our planet. They think this planet is not good enough – when actually, it is sublime and could be a paradise if it were not for human abuse.

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