Do Your Research

Recently, I was drawn into a situation that seemed fairly complex to me. I was nominated as spokesperson, advocate, representative on an issue that I was really not entirely sure about.

When those appealing for my assistance gave me their account of the perceived injustice, naturally my heart strings were pulled. I wanted to help. Yet I could tell that the information they were sharing with me was inaccurate, unbalanced, and therefore likely to be dismissed by those who I would need to convince these concerns were valid.

So…what could I do in this situation? I had to do my research…

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A month later and there has been a result. I presented a case that initially presented the concerns that had been voiced to me and the reason I was speaking up for those who were disgruntled. Then I acknowledged I was aware of the background of this complex issue and I that I was aware of impediments to the desired outcome as expressed by the complainants.

I appealed to the reasonableness and the humanity of those in a role of decision making, those who render verdicts and execute the will of the authorities. I took some time to research the individuals who would be present at the hearing so I knew a little of their background. I personalized some of my comments in a discreet manner.

The outcome is far far better than I expected. They seemed to take my arguments (which were tempered with a great deal of diplomacy and tact) seriously, and they have responded promptly to correct the situation and have issued a touching apology directed to those who have suffered from a poor choice that was made by a body who are no longer on the scene. They wanted to rectify the situation, and they assured us of their commitment to the values I referred to in the case I presented.

This is good. But I do think a key factor was researching the situation so that the plea for justice could be sound and coherent. I am pleased with the outcome. The people I was advocating for who had become despairing and disheartened are thrilled with the result. This is really good!


4 thoughts on “Do Your Research”

  1. When I studied to become a Library Officer, it was all about the RESEARCH! I am so happy about that. It keeps you focus and on track. Instead of listening to a lot of “opinions”. Even on Twitter, I would research something before I would comment. It’s a skill that is dying!


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