Hello, I Am A Writer…

I surprised myself this week. I was asked to come up with some content at very short notice for an online event. A colleague of mine had been supposed to provide graphics and information for a presentation on some of our work. She had a family emergency, and so shortly before the event, I received a call with a plea for help.

I had every right to say “Sorry, I can’t, I will be working all day.” However, I said “I will try to send over something, it might not be very good.”

What followed was bizarre. I was trying to think straight, recall statistics that could both convey information, but more importantly inspire and motivate. Well…it all started to swim around my head…and words formed lines…which formed verses…which formed a a long rambling rhyme. It ended up thirty-six lines long…each line being thirteen syllables.

Photo by Jonathan Borba on Pexels.com

It just flowed out of me….in a higgledy piggledy manner. But I was rather pleased when I finally realized I had a memorable rhyme that hopefully would go down well with all those tuning in for the session. I would not find out until later that evening (after I had finished work) how things went. I had over forty emails in my inbox telling me my rhyme was great.

It turns out…I am a writer…and I don’t need to be shy about staking that claim. I write. I write a lot. These days, most of what I write is in the form of e-mails and reports. Yet, I am also a creative writer. I have published novels, a poetry book and thousands of shorter articles including short fictional stories and poems on my website.

If that does not make me a writer…

…well, what the hecky-gecky would?


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