Not Content With Just A Day

I am never really sure about designated “days” to observe a cause, a movement, a celebration of progress. I understand why some people like there to be a day devoted to something they feel is important, but set days – sometimes they end up undermining or trivializing important issues.

Take for example yesterday – International Women’s Day. Yes, reminders of how much progress has been made, and yet how much more needs to be made. But I am not content with one day being used to draw attention to this subject.

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I think the whole idea of one day for women seems trivial when you consider that recently there was a Pancake Day. Yesterday, International Women’s Day was shared with National Peanut Cluster Day. Today (9th March) is designated National Barbie Day as well as National False Teeth Day. Tomorrow (10th March) will be Red Nose Day and also National Cheesesteak Day.

It gets worse, coming up later in March we have the following:

  • World Plumbing Day
  • National Wash Your Nose Day
  • International Fanny Pack Day (I think we know them here in the UK as Bum Bags)
  • Fill Our Staplers Day (which I do several times a week anyway)
  • National Ear Muff Day (which is tempting)
  • National Brutus Day (a little scary!)
  • National Napping Day (even more tempting)
  • National No Selfies Day (will someone tell Jack about this please!)
  • Dental Assistant Recognition Week (really?)
  • National Professional Pet Sitters Week (you are kidding!)
  • National Procrastination Week (this is just going too far!)

There are others – perhaps I have choses some of the odd ones over the more admirable commemorative days or weeks. But still, it just seems to undermine there being a day to recognize the challenges women have faced and still face to feel safe and to access education and opportunities.

As I said earlier – I am simply not content with one day to promote protection and empowerment of women in every corner of the world.