Learning At Home

I love learning…but I do find that the right environment makes a big difference to me. I have been teaching and training others since I left school, so when someone trains me, I sometimes pick up on their teaching ability (or lack of teaching ability).

The Pandemic seems to have particularly disrupted the confidence and ability of teachers and trainers. Nowadays, I am finding it so much easier for me to have access to training in text form so I can just read it myself.

The other advantage of learning at home – peace and quiet, a comfy chair, coffee whenever I need it, learning at my pace, being able to double-check or triple-check my understanding. I am strongly favouring learning at home alone, to a poor trainer covering a subject in a higgledy-piggledy ramshackle fashion that leaves me bewildered.

Photo by picjumbo.com on Pexels.com