Mapping My Walks And Counting My Steps

I think it is a new year thing – people keep on telling me how many steps they have walked on any given day. My eyes glaze over as they share this information with me – why would I need to know that?

But now the friends I am staying with have turned me. They introduced me to a website which is very easy to use…and I found it very easy to get carried away. I now know that my walk to work is less than one kilometre from my nest.

The walk Jack and I enjoy when he stays with me is just less than eight kilometres – which is great. It does not feel that long. I love walking along holding hands with him, talking about everything that happened while we were apart.

Anyway…these are just two examples. I went to bed early and as I was not sleepy, and could not really start wandering around my friends’ home to start ironing or doing other things until I was ready to sleep, instead I began checking the length of all the routes I take on a regular basis.

Pathetic – I know – but I know how many steps I walked each day last week. But I know that you would not want me to tell you! I mean, why would you need to now that hey?

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