I feel so bad! Currently, I am honoured to be a guest at the home of some very lovely friends. My nest is in need of some repairing (whopping great cracks have appeared in the wall which has caused both me and my landlord quite some concern). A firm went in and said it is not a structural issue (thank goodness) but they are nonetheless doing some work that will cause a lot of mess, therefore making it impossible for me to stay there.

So, my lovely friends said “come and stay with us while your nest is being spruced up”. How do I repay their kindness? Only by breaking a part of their fridge!!!

I have ordered a replacement part – it is a flap that covers the dairy shelf. I did not close it properly before I closed the door of the fridge and the door bounced back. I closed it again more firmly and then I heard this cracking noise and realized I had snapped one side of the fitting. I felt like such a plonker! What a clumsy-clot I am!