My Luscious Legs

Recently, I mentioned a rash – a very annoying rash – that was causing me more than a little irritation. Well…I read through my recent post containing my rash orientated grumble, and I can see that the original picture I chose was misleading. The rash was isolated to my legs, specifically below my knees.

That is one reason why Jack and I thought it was perhaps the bark from the Yucca plant. I persisted with the hydrocortisone cream, and although it took longer than I expected, eventually my legs were just fine again.

However….I had a flare up at the weekend, and now my legs seem to be back to square one. So I am back to applying a very thin layer of hydrocortisone over the red bumpy skin. Jack asked me what I thought could have caused it…and it has been such a mystery to me, but I think now I may have figured it out.

During the winter, when I wear a dress or skirt, I will wear tights and my leather boots. But so far, 2023 has been quite mild. So sometimes I have worn a pretty dress with my boots and no tights (because tights are annoying). Instead I wore socks because I could not find the knee-highs I would usually wear. But that means part of my skin is in contact with the boot lining, and inside the NHS practice I work – the heat is always on full-blast.

It is the patches of my leg that the socks don’t cover that are becoming all itchy. I think it is sort of a heat or maybe sweat rash, which I have made worse by scratching (because I am not use to skin issues).

So now…I need to get on top of this rash again…and place an M&S order for some new knee-highs. Or maybe, spring will come soon and I can forget about my boots all together. My legs cannot wait until summer!!!