A Love That Lasts Forever

Part of me wishes that Bee could just go on supplying us with prompts for love songs forever…I love this!!! Thank you Bee for making me smile all month long with LOVE IS IN DA BLOG!

Here are my song choices for the last few prompts from Bee – some of my favourite ever love songs.

The prompt for 25th February:


I am so pleased that this prompt has given me the chance to feature one of my favourite love songs. Simple and profound lyrics and arrangements seem to suit my tastes when it comes to love songs. When I heard Kristina Train singing this song (originally from The Waterboys and later recorded by an English artist with the voice of a twelve year old) I melted. Kristina Train’s voice carries this emotion so well, hammering down every powerful feeling in this song which is all about promise and commitment. The song is called “How Long Will I Love You” and the incredible voice belongs to Kristina Train:

I was pulled in lots of directions when it came to the prompt for 27th February:


But in the end I have chosen a song that has been a favourite since the moment I heard it. I cannot convey how much I love this song. The lyrics are so clever, and I remember the thrill of the crowd when we saw Sleeper live. This song was the one that really made the night lively. The band are Sleeper and the song (read the lyrics and you will see it is a love song) is “What Do I Do Now?”

There was only ever one song that was going to be my pick for the final prompt for 28th February:


It’s a firecracker of a song, a true anthem, an upbeat power ballad that entices every karaoke crooner. So for Jack and myself (two karaoke addicts) who have overcome all sorts of obstacles, this song is the ultimate feel good, feel ready to take on the world, feel thrilled about the future sort of love song. It ticks every box! This is Starship with “Nothing’s Gonna Stop Us Now”. What better way to say farewell for now to these brilliant love song prompts. I have loved this month Bee!