Love That Burns Through Your Veins

February seems to have flown by…and I have just two more posts scheduled with my song choices for the prompts provided by Bee for the 2023 LOVE IS IN DA BLOG. It has been so much fun! But the prompts for the last few days have helped me capture something deep, something that runs in the blood and cannot be erased.

The prompt for the 21st February gives me the chance to reminisce about my excitement on trips to Africa:


I am not really sure why it is that Africa proves to be quite so thrilling. The rich culture, the warmth of people, the inspirational accounts of individuals who have found ways to thrive despite monumental challenges that would cause many Westerners to crumble. Then there is nature – my goodness – if you visit Africa, it is hard to resist the chance to see some incredible animals on their home turf. This is a continent that can provide a life changing education. You won’t be the same person after spending a good stint out there. I think that is partly what Toto were singing about in their anthemic “Africa“.

I was not sure which direction to go in for the prompt for 22nd February:


I grew up in Liverpool (lots and lots of artists to choose from) but I have lived in London for most of my adult life. So in the end I allowed the song I wanted to feature to sway my decision. Paloma Faith I believe is from Hackney in London. She is behind a track I love. I particularly love her live performance at the Brits some years ago. It is so so so so good! She gets better and better and then the finale – wow!!! This is “Only Love Can Hurt Like This”.

I have loved Bee’s selection of prompts for LOVE IS IN DA BLOG, but some of them left me a little stumped, so you may have noticed a little bit of cheating – songs that might not fit the bill perfectly. When I saw the prompt for 23rd February:


…my first thought was “I Never Promised You A Rose Garden”. But then I was with some friends the other day and someone quoted a few lines from Robert Burns. When I was reminded of them, they caught me by surprise and tears trickled down my cheek. Is it just a coincidence that Adelaide is 10,100 miles away from London? Or did Robert Burns pen those words for me?

So fare-thee-weel, my only love!
And fare-thee-weel awhile!
And I will come to you again,
Though it were ten thousand miles!

Though it were ten thousand miles, my dear
Though it twere ten thousand miles.
I will come to you again.
Though it twere ten thousand miles.

Robert Burns, Lindley Evans

The reason I thought the song qualifies is the mention of love being like a red red rose. I have two versions…one lyrical video – gorgeous voice. The other instrumental…with some lovely photos of flowers and fauna!