If It Were Up To Me…

If it were up to me…we would abandon the cities and return to the countryside.

We would close down the supermarkets and learn how to nurture crops and harvest them, not with a view to profiteering, but with a view of making sure we all have what we need for the day.

The goals and ambitions that the greedy and arrogant foster – there would be no place for them (but if they really want to go to Mars, then they have my blessing).

Since I was a little girl – the commercial world has seemed completely bonkers. With each passing year, I am scratching my head at their idiocy. My brother-in-law likes watching that show were lots of scarily egotistical competitors try to outdo their rivals to become the business partner to an experienced businessman who has made a lot of money. Everything about that concept is odd to me. The opposite of everything I want and dream of.

How is it that they want that? Why do they want a world like that? What on earth are they thinking? Could we fit them in the rocket on it’s way to Mars too?