A World That Needs More Love

Ooooop! I just realized I made a mistake with my scheduling for today! I intended to publish this almost twelve hours ago. Oh well…better late than never I think.

Here are some more song choices in response to the fabulous prompts that Bee has been providing us with for LOVE IS IN DA BLOG!!

I thought for quite a long time ago about my song choice for 16th February:


When I think of humankind – my heart swells with love. People…goodness…people are so much like young children – still so very much learning, tripping over, stumbling over traps, feeling shame, bruised hearts, deep painful wounds that never heal, despair, loneliness, terrors…longing for something better, sensing something is missing and yearning with an intense hunger to fill that need. Humans – capable of such extraordinary love, such extraordinary goodness and beauty and kindness and loyalty. How hard it is to see people experience injustice and suffering. How I would love to heal, to restore, to fix…the human family. If I feel this way…then I know that our Maker feels this way a million times more…and has proven this by paying the costliest price in all the universe to buy back what was lost. Just a little while longer…and the meek will inherit the earth.

As far as I was concerned there was only one song choice for the prompt for 18th February:


Well, you can’t get more of an unexpected place than a hopeless place. Take it away Jessie J covering Rihanna and Calvin’s “We Found Love“!!!

The prompt for 20th February provided me with a chance to share a personal story with you:


So…not long after I broke up with my first every boyfriend (which was a huge deal as we had courted for ten years) I had a chance to visit Texas. That trip was very good for me. I had gone through a low when I ended the relationship, feeling quite lost and confused and guilty and pessimistic. My confidence was knocked. I did not want to eat. I could not sleep. I was distraught. Visiting Texas provided a huge change of scene. I remember telling the friends we stayed with what had happened…and they helped me to laugh at what had happened, well, some of what had happened. With regards to the details which were not to be laughed at, they said it is ok to cry when needed, but not to allow myself to become a permanent sob-story. They encouraged me to pray a lot about it. It was important for me to learn to let go of the pain. One thing that helped was this song, which for some reason was being played a lot on the radio back then. This is “No, No, No” from Dawn Penn. The lyrics somehow combined all the laughter, tears and prayers that did help me recover from my first ever break up.


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