A Man Of Style

Jack has an interesting wardrobe. He actually has walk in closet…which I envy very much. Half of it is full of suits – because he wears suits a lot for events and for work. Half of it is a mix of everything else, clothes for working out, clothes to relax in, clothes he probably does not even know are there, and he has one or two of my dresses – which of course are there for me to wear when I am sleeping over…not for him to wear.

Recently Jack had to allow a stylist to come in and pretty much raid his wardrobe for some filmed features he was involved in. He tells me he learnt a lot about picking the right tie and having a feature to match. She also gave him some advice on the clothes he wears when he is relaxing but out in public. I think the basic advice was to ditch the leather jacket, it is not making him look any younger – ooooh – harsh but fair.

Photo by Yuri Manei on Pexels.com

Did I ever tell you about the time Jack walked out onto stage in front of an audience of several thousand with a bunch of keys in his trouser pocket? On his key ring he had a mini torch with a very bright light. The torch also had a number of settings – including one that had a random sequence of flashing.

Of course…the audience was more than distracted. Why was his crotch flashing throughout his speech? He has never lived it down! Don’t you just love him!!! I do!


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