Old Habits Die Hard

I recently re-worked one of the Chapters in my first novel “We Hide What We Hate About Ourselves“. The Chapter in question is entitled “Old Habits Die Hard“.

Now…I don’t want to drop any spoilers here, but originally, that chapter made a brief reference to a party. I think in my first draft, the party lasted all of four paragraphs. Well, now, there is more detail about the party. That might not seem significant, but it has allowed me the opportunity to incorporate a little more character development – which, I have been told, is a hallmark of my style of writing.

Photo by Mauru00edcio Mascaro on Pexels.com

Now, due to this party, Annabelle is seen in a slightly different light by one of the other characters. I am able to allow Annabelle to meditate on the metamorphosis that has taken place within her in recent years. I am also able to allow another character to feel intimidated and inadequate at the party, while Annabelle is street-wise and assured.

These little details have assisted me to iron out slight wrinkles or creases in the smooth flow of the storyline.

I would love to ask other writers – does the editing ever end? I find that no matter how busy I am, my characters are always in my mind. I am constantly asking, “would she really have reacted that way?” or “would he really have used those words?” and more often, “what was the motivation behind that decision?”

Writing is a journey into the world of psychology…and it is so fascinating to see your characters come alive!