Love Songs That Touch A Raw Nerve

One of the best mediums to convey love in all of it’s dazzling facets is music, which is why I love Bee’s LOVE IS IN DA BLOG prompts for February. Today, I am catching up with some of the prompts from the last few days. Some of these prompts have a very personal connection to me.

The prompt for the 11th February was one that means a great deal to me. I am a big believer in this particular aspect of love being fundamental:


I picked a song that might not appear at first to fit the bill…but as someone who has been in a relationship that had a gigantic painful challenge, I know how it feels to be desperate for a chance to smooth over the rupture and to ensure that both parties can regain peace of mind and all of the other blessings that are attached to forgiveness. I chose a song that hits a raw nerve. It especially hit that raw nerve after I was attacked and had to flee London. The is “Hello” from Adele:

Well, the next prompt was of course difficult for me since I have been twenty-one for the past couple of decades. Since I have never turned thirty, I felt justified in picking a jazz love song from a long time ago. The prompt for 13th February was:


I have chosen a recording of a song that has a wonderful jazz feel to it…but at the same time I just adore the voice of Julie London delivering these lyrics. There is a lighthearted whimsy to these lyrics. It has a personal connection to me though. I was asked by a band to sing this live at a charity event…only, I pulled out when I realized Jack would be in the audience. I had been rehearsing it for weeks with the band, but how could I sing about the elation of love when I was utterly broken hearted. Fast-forward eight years later and I can sing this song and enjoy every upbeat note! This is a song for those happy in love! I adore this song “Fly Me To The Moon”:

I felt spoilt for choice when it came to the prompt for the 15th February:


There are so many songs I could have chosen, and some I would have perhaps chosen (but I realized I can use them for other prompts!). Female artists have been belting out phenomenal love songs for decades and some of my own favourite love songs touch me most with a woman’s vocals. I have picked a love song that moves me to the core…in a way that makes the hairs stand up on the back of my neck. I love love love this song. It is definitely a song that makes me think of Jack. At times, I still pinch myself that that beauty on my pillow is mine…and I am his! Nobody captures this amazement and contentment as perfectly as Ella Hendersong with her beautifully simple “I’m Yours”:


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