Itchy Itchy Scratchy Scratchy

Something is seriously upsetting my skin! It is driving me up the wall! I gave in to scratching the itchy skin about a week ago (after almost three weeks of resisting) and of course my scratching has made it worse.

This is uncharted territory to me. I have had a life without eczema, without allergies, without skin problems…and suddenly during the past few weeks, my skin has just started to freak out.

I am still struggling to identify what is causing it. I thought it was a Yuka plant that moved in during the second week of January, but since the plant has moved out, my skin is still in uproar. I have not changed any laundry or cosmetic products I use.

I have been taking anti-histamine tablets and using anti-histamine cream…and over the past couple of days I have started to use hydrocortisone cream…but my skin is still red and sore and lumpy bumpy…and oh so itchy!

What could be causing these patches of itchy rash to appear?