La La Love Songs

I have fallen behind with Bee’s sensational LOVE IS IN DA BLOG prompts for February. So I have three songs for some of the themes over the past few days.

I am afraid my mind was blank when it came to folk love songs from my tweens and love songs by a new artist…but some of the prompts Bee has supplied stirred lots of song options.

Take for example the prompt from 7th February…


The music world owes so much to Scandinavian music artists, especially their incredible producers. I decided to pick a song that I remember singing over and over for years not long after it was released. This song was used in the the film “Super Mario Brothers”. I did not know that when I first heard this track on the radio. I just loved it! This is (Swedish) Roxette’s “Almost Unreal”

I knew which song I wanted to feature for the prompt for 9th February:


Perhaps John Denver did not intend his words as a love song for the planet, but in referring to the beauty of love with lyrics reflecting the wonders of nature – well, he nailed the whole concept of soaring spirits, leaping for joy, heart-thumping with awe. These words are as stunning as the day he first wrote them. Just as it is impossible to tire of sunsets and mountains, forests and waterfalls…”Annie’s Song” feels as if it will never age.

I was not quite so certain about a song for the 10th February prompt:


There is something not quite right about the concept of “unconditional love” (which is perhaps a subject for another and much longer post), but I do believe in loyal love, love that endures all sorts of challenges and does not give up quickly. I have experienced that kind of love myself…the scale of challenges Jack and I had to overcome before we even started dating was gigantic, and it was only because of a sort of love…a mutual respect and admiration which developed like wildfire into a burning romance and powerful bond. Perhaps my thoughts on what it is to go on loving even when it appears as if all hope is lost is party captured in Dido’s “White Flag”, especially in the powerful words “I’m in love and always will be”.