My Skiing Days Seem Like A Distant Memory

I was recently invited to join some friends on a skiing trip. I could not go. I could not even think about going. I am way way way too busy…

  • work (paid by the NHS and unpaid for charities)
  • wedding arrangements
  • Jack’s family
  • my family
  • our friends
  • all sorts of other commitments and responsibilities and projects and extras

I think that the Pandemic sort of hammered the nail into the coffin of my travelling for recreational purposes – ie. holidays!

I am looking trough the holiday spam photos my friends sent me from their trip to Switzerland and it all looks so gorgeous. They look like they had great fun.

Photo by Christian Buergi on

There is so much to do right now…I cannot imagine taking time out for a vacation. I will have a break when Jack and I are on honeymoon of course. But until then…eve if I did go away, I don’t think I would even be able to relax, There is just so much to do!

Anyway…they brought me back some Mattherhorn shaped novelty chocolates – which was sweet.