Time To Recreate And Time To Create

I have a few entities who I work for – some paid, some non-paid. All of them say I am entitled to annual leave or “holiday”. But sometimes, it is hard to coordinate my time off with each entity at the same time as another.

I addition, the “holiday-year” runs differently for each entity. For two of them, the holiday year runs from 1st January – 31st December, for two others, from 1st April – 31st March, for four others the year starts 1st September and ends 31st August and recently I started working for an employer who told me my holiday year started my first day, so my holiday year with them will start and end mid-November every year.

So…if want time away (say for something like a secret wedding and honeymoon) I have to ask all of these entities if I can use my annual leave allowance. It can sometimes be a right pain in the neck – let me tell you!!!

Somehow, I end up not using up some or most of my holiday time. At the end of December, I had over three weeks of unused holiday time for two organizations. I am mindful that as I approach March, I have weeks of unused annual leave for other organizations.

Photo by Tim Mossholder on Pexels.com

The thing is…I really really really think I need some time off…and I think I need it soon. I am slightly shattered recently. I am managing. I am doing everything I do, but what I notice is that when I arrive home…I am too weary to be creative. I need time to relax and to enjoy some recreation.

I also want to be creative. My mind is bursting with creative ideas. Yet I am so wiped out, it is hard to actually execute my ideas.

I am not so sure taking a week off would make the difference, but I would love to have that time to do the things I have to let drop down the list of priorities. I would love some time to unwind mentally…and to be able to write and do other creative things, including wedding things.


3 thoughts on “Time To Recreate And Time To Create”

  1. I’d say take the week at least, and then figure out a way to take another soon, don’t let time off go to waste if you can help it, you’re earned it


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