Our Beloved Bee!!

The wonderful Bee, creator of The Bee Writes is hosting a musical celebration of love throughout February – and I am hoping to be able to find time to share some of my favourite love songs, inspired by Bee’s “Love Is In Da Blog” prompts.

Each day, Bee is sharing a love related prompt with us, and she is asking us to feature a song to fit the theme. Yesterday – 1st February, the theme was:


…which gives me the chance to think about the song that always makes me think of Goldfinch. How I wish I had the time to write about Goldfinch. I adore him as much as the night I met him. There is so much to say, there is so much in my heart.

I love the songs “Wings” by Birdy…for so many reasons – the dramatic musical arrangement and the lyrics that capture longing and a wild exuberant celebration of someone who has shared thrilling moments with you. Whenever I think of Goldfinch being 10100 miles away, I think of the lines…

I just wanna be by your side
If these wings could fly

I love the official video, but I have included a lyric video above and a live performance below. Oh my…I could listen to this song forever and a day! It is one of my go-to songs to make my heart take flight in the ecstasy of romantic love!!! How I love him…and I suspect I will until my last breath.

The prompt Bee has given us for 2nd February is..


I have picked a song…one I remember hearing a lot on the radio as a kiddo.


One thought on “Our Beloved Bee!!”

  1. Hi Mel, thanks so much for your kind words and for taking part. And, of course, you’re a beautiful prompt. I totally forgot about that rap song. When it came out I heard it a lot too. And Birdy’s song is so so beautiful. Have a great day 🥰


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