The Sound Track For My Blue Days

Every day this week, I am exploring my MENTAL HEALTH FIRST AID KIT with you. Today is all about songs that are positive or uplifting….or in my own case, songs that I can cope with on a day when I feel I am close to cracking up. I love music, especially uplifting music (top of the list Whitney Huston’s “I Wanna Dance With Somebody”). But on a really rain day, there is other music that would be more effective at soothing me.

I am a human – that means I am capable of a whole range of emotions. I do not live on Cloud Nine all the time. I enjoy very happy days, but I get tired too, especially after being on my feet for twelve hours and dealing with demanding patients at work. I can be a little grumpy. I can also have times when traumatic memories cloud my mind and create challenges for me.

Although I am secure and confident, every now and then flash of anxiety will run through my mind – what if I lose someone I love? what if I made a serious mistake at work and lost my job? what if my little nest was flooded? Those flashes don’t last long, because I know only too well that it is not worthwhile worrying about things that have not happened yet or may never happen at all.

But on days when I do feel downhearted or fed up, music can be a very powerful way to lift my spirits. I think generally speaking….when my spirits are low, I prefer to listen to music that is fairly calm and reflective, but infuses something very heartwarming to me. I am going to give you some examples of songs that I would turn to to lift me and make me feel a renewed sense of purpose. (These songs work for me…but they are unlikely not work for you. You will find songs that reach you on a personal level – and stash those tracks for rainy days! But are there songs that will lift your heart?)

I have found that the song “Yours” by Ella Henderson reminds me so much of the blessings I have in my life right now. Actually, the simplicity of this arrangement and these lyrics – they make tears stream down my eyes…which I love sometimes. I know it may sound silly, but it makes me feel better.

When I am feeling fragile, I actually draw some comfort from being reminded that I am not the only one. I love this track “Unsteady” from X Ambassadors because it captures that feeling of “I know I am not really ok right now, and I need some reassurance from someone who knows me”.

Another song that captures a low patch so well for me is “Numb” from Max Jury. I love this acoustic version because sometimes when feeling low, I feel so feeble, I cannot cope with anything too intense. This is so mellow and sedate, it suits me when I am so exhausted I feel ready to curl up in a little ball and hibernate until spring.

I have one more to mention. I love the track “Not Today” from Imagine Dragons, and I found am animated video that has a tree with a love heart with J&M carved on it – which could be Jack and Melody, don’t you think?

But there are also upbeat, positive tunes that help me too. In fact, I prepared a post all about some of the upbeat tunes that make me want to jump up and start dancing! This is the post – with examples of music that makes my spirits soar!!



9 thoughts on “The Sound Track For My Blue Days”

  1. I’m going to have to listen to these later. I should also make such a playlist for myself… I think I have some upbeat and sweetly sad playlists from my mix CD days, so maybe I just need to revise them. Also, for the record, I Wanna Dance With Somebody is one of only three songs originally with female vocals that I’ve sung for karaoke in public.


  2. That last video was so beautiful. Thank you for the story and the song. It brought me peace in reminding me that things can seen hard but if we hold on, things will change for the better. It takes courage to persevere. But, praise God, for the benefits that come. Joy, unspeakable joy.


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