The Epic Journey Of Love

Last night I had some peace and quiet to myself after work and I am so glad. I needed a chance to relax. I wondered what to do with my time, knowing I needed it to be non-work related. So after crossing off the list:

  • cleaning the bathroom
  • completing a training course for work
  • sorting out my storage room (which is chaotic right now)

…and some other non-relaxing tasks, I decided that I was too tired to read and instead I would peruse the television channels in search of something worthwhile.

My heart leapt when I saw a word that means so much to me – “Persuasion“. I have lost track of how many times I have read the book or watched a dramatisation of this brilliant Jane Austen novel. But I needed to watch it again. I needed to watch it because I love Anne Elliott dearly.

What a journey – what an incredible journey!! I know exactly what happens, and yet every time I read or watch “Persuasion” I go on exactly the same journey again. Those stabs of pain – how they pierce. The highs and lows of love, the aches and elations of love, the hopes, the disappointments, the bravery, the humiliation, the longing, the grief and the jubilant celebration when finally love conquers all obstacles and you just know that now that these two compelling characters have finally bridged the chasm and connected – it will be a less manic journey from now on.

What a journey love is. Not so sure about “happily ever after”, but I would say that once you finally overcome the rollercoaster of emotions that lead you to saying “Yes, I will be your wife” – well it is less manic ever after.

There are still challenges, some very tough challenges, but you navigate them with that awareness and understanding of love. It does not send you reeling like a pendulum. You seem to be able to maintain a direction, a momentum, and even if challenges feel like a storm, somehow it is a more secure feeling because of the purpose and fulfilment that love has brought to you.

I will never tire of the epic journey of love. It moves me everytime – the story of Anne Elliott moves me. The story of my fictional character Annabelle Riley moves me. The story of Jack and me – it moves me. What an epic journey – one that takes an average person and makes them a hero, and adventurer, a conqueror.