It Snowed!

It has been a very cold week here on British shores. On Wednesday afternoon, there was about five minutes of what looked a little like snow. But this evening more of flakes descended and coated the pavements with a few millimetres of crunchy snow.

Photo by Lisa Fotios on

On Friday there was frost all day long. During the daytime, the lacquer of frost made everything outside look pretty. On the way home in the dark, the pavement was glittering as I walked along.

It is so cold…and oh so dark. Honestly, although there are pretty scenes at times, I am not enjoying it. But it is just one of those things. Roll on spring! I cannot wait until I can wander around in shorts and sandals again.

I was grieved to hear about a terrible tragedy of children who had been playing near an icy lake. Heart-breaking for those parents.