Thank You Mia And Kate

I am not much of a telly watcher (except for Masterchef…oh and Death In Paradise) and if I was going to watch to watch telly, I would not watch anything with swear words in it. That’s just me. But I watched something tonight that I needed to watch. I knew I needed to watch it. I was not wrong. I am a little speechless about it still. Let me explain…

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“I Am Ruth”

…was one of the most powerful, gripping, realistic, relatable, profound television productions I have seen. Even the first ten minutes, I just could not look away from the screen. I had an idea of what was to come, and I realized that the way the scenes were filmed, it would feel as if I was right there in the room from start to finish.

Please could we nominate both Mia and Kate for every telly award there is – please. I think these two ladies (I believe real life daughter and mother) are incredible.