But You Know This Surely

I am worried about other people doing something very foolish this year. Spending money they do not have on gifts.

Around twelve years ago I worked with a lady who was struggling financially, so much so that they (her husband and her) lost their family home. They moved in with a relative and things became very cosy.

However, what I remember is that around a month or two after losing their home, she told me they had spend over £1000 on gifts for their children and each other for Christmas.

This year, I have already heard many people talk about how much they are struggling financially with the cost of living and yet they are also talking about shopping for Christmas – indulgent food, gifts, clothes. Not to mention electricity bills on fairy lights!


Do not do this!

It is a miserable time of year (in the Northern hemisphere) – it is dark and cold and naturally we might wish we could afford things that will lift our spirits and bring us pleasure. But going into debt is only going to add to stress and anxiety.

Photo by Karolina Grabowska on Pexels.com

Jack and I are going to cocoon ourselves over the holidays (mainly because I have to work overtime for the NHS and there are rail strikes that have snuffed out our original plan to see family) but we both realize that presents a wonderful opportunity to rest and catch up with all sorts. I plan to write emails and write more of Annabelle’s story and also start out on some early spring-cleaning. We intend to do lots of cuddling too! We will be able to keep in touch with our loved ones on the phone, online, on zoom – I am sure we will be able to touch base with other WordPressers who may also be relishing in the chance to cocoon.

I will keep Jack well supplied with yummy food. We will hope that the Beeb will cheer us up with an airing of “The Sound Of Music” (ok, it is me who is hoping for that, not so much Jack). But there is no way we are going to put ourselves under stress and pressure for the sake of a greedy commercial system who have no respect for Christ whatsoever.

Be wise! Be Christlike! Know that this corrupt system is soon to be dissolved and replaced by Christ as King, who will care for people and eliminate the corruption, abuse, oppression and injustice that are riddled with the current system.