Stay Graceful And Gracious

I was watching the Earthshot Awards on Sunday. I was thinking to myself…there are millions of people who are absolutely glued to the screen while a bunch of sweaty men chase a bag of wind around a green pitch. This year, many have abandoned all of their “principles” feeling they can put the love of the game before what they claim to believe in. Yes…they are essentially being hypocrites.

Yet, the Earthshot Awards was there to celebrate the efforts of people who are working towards something that seems truly worthwhile – a cleaner, greener, more sustainable way of doing things. The prize winners in the Earthshot Awards win around £1 million pounds to scale up their designs (whereas some of those football players are paid many times more than that to chase a bag of wind around a pitch).

But this year, the Earthshot Awards – one of the few things worth watching at all on television – seemed to be overshadowed by two other stories. In view of the negative media coverage, I was relieved to see the grace and poise maintained by those at the Earthshot Awards, who look to be set on inspiring others to care for this beautiful planet.

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One of the negative issues was the clearly inappropriate comments made to a guest at Buckingham Palace. The guest had every right to complain about that. I was sad to see the media using it to take away from the Earthshot Awards though. It just makes me sad because we want people to be working on cleaner air, water, and reducing waste etc.

The other thing is what I am told is a six-part series about two individuals who made a decision to depart from their roles within the royal family for the sake of their mental health. Well, that’s what I always understood was at the root of their decision. I like and empathize with them. But I am struggling with how far this is going.

I think I am struggling because of my own personal experiences. I endured two years of misery while I was harassed and slandered. It was really hard. It ended tragically. But healing and thriving was due to me seizing all sorts of upbuilding things – immersing myself in good, building up others, serving the causes that inspired me. The strength within me helps me just brush off the strangers who did not know me and said wicked things about me. But the love and forgiveness when it comes to those who were nearest and dearest to me – well, if I had not embraced those – I would not have the prospect of marrying one of the best men on the planet ahead of me would I?

Just because he hurt me, and he hurt me to the core back then, he let me down…I was not going to hurt him. There were things that happened that I wanted to talk about and to write about, because keeping them within was oppressive. But, all I wanted was peace. So I had to be careful with what I said because if I aired my grievances too much it would have become a barrier to reconciliation. I love Jack – every inch of him – his being thick-skinned about people who are cruel and me being sensitive about people who said wicked things – it caused Jack and I challenges. It meant that we were estranged for years. But we managed to work it out – in private – and look what happened!

Sigh. It should be resolved in private. I find the media coverage disturbingly uncomfortable. I understand what it is to be crushed by mistreatment, injustice, slander – but I also know what it is to rise above that and live your life with love, peace, forgiveness, trust and true joy. If you want those things, a six-part series is not a great idea.


4 thoughts on “Stay Graceful And Gracious”

  1. I used to feel sympathy for them and understood that they wanted to get away to have private lives. But that’s not what they’re doing at all. Yes, it’s terribly sad to watch family members tear each other down in the press 😞


    1. It feels so much more destructive than I ever envisioned. I just want them to be happy and healthy. They seem to have an abundance materially. But true happiness and peace – I am not sure it sets out to tear down others.

      More than anyone, I do find the media have behaved appallingly in the trash they have published. But they are in a difficult position wanting to court and use the media to achieve some of their noble objectives. What a fix they are in.

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