Enough With The Creepy Questions Already

I have been a little freaked out over the past couple of days by the creepy questions that appeared when I tried to open up a blank post and prepare something to be published.

Perhaps I am overly suspicious – but why does WordPress need to ask me about my clothing choices…or tech preferences? Creepy!!!

This chick is going to be maintaining her exclusivity and anonymity and sharing only what she is needs to. In my real life – I have to deter, deflect and dampen the curiosity of nosey-parkers, especially those asking me twenty questions about my wedding. Being asked random creepy questions on a blank post…it does not sit well with me.

OK…there is my grouchy gripe out there…sunglasses back on…let’s disappear back into the shadows.

Photo by Gabriela Moraes on Pexels.com

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