What does SARAH mean? Before you say “Princess”, I ought to explain that I am referring to the context of whether to help a stranger (or anyone really) who is in distress.

You may perhaps have come across it if you have been on a First Aid Course in recent years. I found several websites that explain it. Here is the first that popped up:

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Well, after completing some training recently for work, SARAH will no longer make me think “princess”. No from now on, I will think “hero”!!


It is essentially legislation designed just to give you peace of mind should you be innocently wandering along and see someone in distress.


4 thoughts on “The SARAH Act”

    1. I read about The Good Samaritan Act too. I guess the legislation is designed to prevent people from being hesitant or indecisive. It seems an awful predicament for someone to hold back from helping in case they do the wrong thing or end up being sued.

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      1. Correct. I think it was inacted to encourage people to help without the fear of a lawsuit.

        As long as you did what would be deemed reasonable in that situation. I just did a CPR/First Aid/AED(Automated External Defibrillator) course back in May and as I remember the Act was described as you say. Although, one could still have a case brought against them, but the chances of actually being sued would be zero.


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