It Sure Would Be Nice

I was talking to Jack about something quite serious recently. I think it may be one of those issues we will have to re-visit, but I want to write about it because since I vocalized it, I started to realize just how much this concern is impacting on my life.

Some of you are already aware that my Jack is rather well-known. That sometimes becomes intrusive. He is often recognized. Even going to the local shops to pick up some vegetables is a challenge – well it is a challenge to me. People want to say hello. Some people want a selfie with him – and Jack tends to oblige. We often choose to walk a different route back to my nest, a longer route just for security reasons.

But my biggest fear is letting the people I am acquainted with loosely – you know paid work colleagues – know anything about Jack because I have no idea what they may do on social media.

Now these concerns have always been there at the back of my mind. But recently, I confessed to Jack that I am actually finding that fear is having a detrimental effect on me. I have been drawn into mindset that I find uncomfortable – living in fear, guard up, closed off.

I am especially scared of sharing anything about our wedding.

Well, living with that ever present fear…I don’t like it. I said to Jack… “I want to move far away from here.” I was speaking from a low place. A work colleague had invaded my privacy and made me feel fearful. I have now left…and to some extent that has brought some relief. But now in my new job, I am going to have to navigate the well meaning questions from new colleagues and ind a ay to answer them in a way that does not pique their curiosity.

That sort of tells me that even if we went to the opposite side of the planet…I would still face the same challenges. So I just have to get a grip of these challenges and perfect the art of sharing only limited information that does not risk our security or lead to someone unkind publishing despicable content about Jack and me on social media.

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