What A Joy It Has Been!!!

What a weekend!!! I am going to finish editing this post before my laptop melts…it is making very odd noises and it is radiating an unusual heat which makes me think the little parts inside are over-baked after the demands placed upon recently. I need to say a huge THANK YOU to Robert and Annette who allowed me to camp at their home this weekend and use their office computer. My laptop just would not have been able to cope with all the pace of the BAKE OFF.

We have lots of THANK YOUs to share in this post. Our bakers of course are the key feature of the BAKE OFF. This year we asked you to think about BUDGET BAKING and SUSTAINABLE BAKING and we were a little nervous about the response to those themes….but wow – you embraced them and exceeded all our expectations! THANK YOU for your amazing baking photographs and also your enthusiasm on those areas we have been shining a light on.

THANK YOU to our Special Guest Poets! We are so grateful that you accepted our invitation to compose a BAKE OFF poem. Your poetry celebrated the JOY OF BAKING and echoed our feelings about rising costs and the desire to take better care of our beautiful earth.


Christine – MADE WITH LOVE

Kristian – LET THEM BAKE

Gentleman Dave – THE WISHING WELL


THANK YOU to the participants in some of our Special BAKE OFF Features:




All three of you have helped us to think about how we can enjoy our food, especially our baking, but to do so in a way that does not put us under further financial strain and also in a thoughtful way reflecting appreciation that our daily choices have an impact.

We also want to say THANK YOU to everyone who took part in our special BAKE OFF writing prompt. It was wonderful to read your work. There was such a variety that touched on all of the questions we raised in our writing prompt so it was fantastic to see your personality in your writing.

We are also thrilled with all of the WordPress users who took part in the BAKE OFF by advertising and promoting it on your own sites. THANK YOU to all of you who supported our bakers and poets, writers and interviewees by reading their posts, commenting and forging new blogging connections. That has brought us so much joy to see!

On a personal note, I want to say a huge THANK YOU to Gary and Jeanne. It is always such a joy to work along with you both!

There is no denying it – these are anxious times. Many of us, most of us, are effected by the rising costs of necessities. We are deeply concerned about the man-made damage to our natural habitats and to our climates. We want to see this earth treasured and cared for. Keep on thinking about the kind of earth you want to live on, reflect your hopes and dreams in your writing, in your poetry, in your baking!!!

We hope that this weekend has filled you with confidence that there are many people who share your concerns and feeling. Many are thinking about the choices they make – little and large – and making changes that reflect how they about our planet. But this can and should be joyful. Sharing our joy with others can have a profound impact. Hope and joy are intrinsically linked.

There is just one more event that we are now looking forward to….

Our Special BAKE OFF Judge Jeanne has been perusing all of the baking photographs we have shared this weekend. Soon, Jeanne will be sharing with us who she has chosen for the 2002 STAR BAKER accolade!!!!

Photo by Elias Tigiser on Pexels.com

23 thoughts on “What A Joy It Has Been!!!”

  1. Thank you for all the hard work you and Jack put into making it such a wondrous event! Thanks to all the participants for their awesome efforts and recipes! And of course, thank you, dear Mel, for the mention! ❤️❤️

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    1. ❤ I cannot believe we have had four BAKE OFFs now. When Gary first suggested the idea – I had no idea how much fun we would end up having. Thank you for always being such a special part of the BAKE OFF Punam. You have always brought fun and joy along with you. ❤


  2. Sorry I did not bake anything for you this year. I need to get my new kitchen organized so I can start baking again. The bakes look fabulous. Well done to everyone who took part.

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  3. What a joyous bake off this has been! Thank you to Caramel, Gary and Jeanne for organizing, writing, baking and judging, and also thank you Jack for the amazing musical selections!!🍰🧁🥧🎶

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    1. Jack is calling himself the BAKE OFF Musical Director. I think it has gone to his head that he was given so much responsibility…and when I told him his Wellington was given a mention in Jeanne’s STAR BAKER roster…well…I don’t think we are going to hear the end of it!


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